Long with floral maxi
Long with floral maxi

Long with floral maxi

Yesterday I went to lunch with Paulo at Rodeio and took the opportunity to wear a beautiful floral dress that had been in my closet for some time.
I love long dresses, but I don’t usually wear much because I always think I have to wear it with a high heel, and as you well know, I’m not much of a high heel. Even those who follow me on instagram @nocedanielle, saw that I took a pair of flip-flops with me. After all, if I got tired I wouldn’t mind a bit getting off the heels, literally lol, and getting more comfortable, even though I would have to lift the dress with my hands to walk.
Well, not surprisingly, that’s exactly what happened. After lunch Paulo decided to go to L’Occitane and Lush, a light rain had just fallen and the floor was all wet. So, the first thing I did was change my shoes and go for a walk. After all, the most important thing is not to be in fashion but rather to feel free to have fun and do everything you want in the best possible way. And for me, the best way is to be and feel comfortable.
For lunch I wore a long dress with a floral maxi. I loved this dress, because the background is bright green, which I love, and the flowers are just outlined in black. To get taller I used a delicate wooden sandal and also with a floral print.
The details were in the golden tiara with several knots and the flower ring.
The bag is a separate piece, a pink pink bag with a model that resembles those leather workbooks. Not to mention, her lining is a separate detail, all striped in black and white. Very beautiful indeed.
Did you like the look? How was your day yesterday?
PS: The lipstick I’m using is a blend of Royal from Lia Camargo’s collection for Tracta with MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous on top, but I still don’t know if I got used to these darker lipsticks, as it looks like they leave your mouth a little smaller, and mine is already small; D I’ll try other combinations to see if I get used to it. What did you think?
PHOTOS: Paulo Cuenca | @paulocuenca
Long dress | Farm
Heel sandals | Schutz
Purse | Kate Spade
Tiara and ring | Accessorize

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