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Look all jeans

Look All Jeans

Impossible to deny my passion for jeans, after all, the fabric is part of practically all my everyday looks. If he doesn’t appear in his pants, he’s probably in his jacket or shirt ? But, incredible as it may seem, I almost never invest in a total jeans production and it was only wearing this look at SPFW that the possibilities of combinations multiplied!

The highlight of the look, in my view, is this Malwee jacket with fur on the collar. In addition to being very comfortable, this more wintery detail makes the garment much more charming and the combination with the destroyed pants left the production even more cool. Aah, and you don’t have to be afraid to mix washes, okay? I even think that the look looks cooler with this mix that doesn’t look so “conjuntinho”.
As I was at a fashion event, I also wanted to bring a little more sophistication and that’s why I opted for the white shirt that gave that broken one. The best part is that a lot of people already have these pieces in the closet and I had never thought of using everything together – I had never done this composition myself.

And if you were thinking it was a little jeans it is because you didn’t notice the pumps! The model is also made of fabric and full of thumbtacks that even have a medium footprint rocker.
In fact, it was these applications that gave me the idea of ​​putting a bag full of details that brought that color point to the look.

So, do you also have similar pieces in the closet? I will love to know if this look inspired a different production with what you already have at home ?
Jacket | Malwee
Shirt | Malwee
Jeans Pants | Malwee
Bag | Red Valentino
Shoe | Louboutin


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