Incredible transformation Wow: This couple lost around 100 kilos together
Incredible transformation wow this couple lost around 100 kilos together

Look slimmer This is how you avoid a big belly in the evening

Everything was okay in the morning, but is your flat stomach gone in the evening? It feels like your stomach has gotten really big all of a sudden. It stands out visibly and that’s annoying. We’ll tell you how to avoid that in the future.

A big stomach and a feeling of fullness in the evening can have many different causes. Often we blame that on our stressful everyday life. A quick croissant on the way to work, fast food for lunch and a snack in the evening – all of this causes our flat stomach to disappear.

But it can also have other causes! Legumes, cabbage dishes, mushrooms as well as sweets or foods with sugar substitutes can give us a bloated stomach. We’ll show you how to fight the bloating feeling and really get your metabolism going.

1. Do not chew gum

Up to now we believed that with a piece of chewing gum we could get a better grip on our feeling of hunger and thus less appetite. But chewing gum means that we have more air in our stomach through constant chewing and that it swells up. Rather, go for sugar-free candies or lozenges.

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2. Drink a lot

You should drink about two liters of still water in small sips a day, as this will help you achieve a feeling of satiety.

Sugar-free cranberry juice is just as good. This is a natural diuretic that fends off free radicals. Herbal teas such as fennel, ginger and chamomile tea also stimulate digestion.

In the evening you should treat yourself to a hot lemon, because it has an antioxidant effect and stimulates the metabolism. You’d better say goodbye to coffee and sugary drinksbecause caffeine and calories won’t get you flat.

3. Eat watermelon and papaya

To lose weight, you should use watermelons, especially in warm temperatures. The high water and potassium content and the few calories are ideal for a slim figure. The papaya fruit is also very tasty and healthy. It contains the digestive enzyme papain and works against gases in the stomach. This makes it ideal as an evening snack.

4. Eat small portions slowly

If you eat it all up quickly, you will not chew meals properly and will swallow the food quickly. This creates unwanted gases in the stomach and intestines, causing you to bloat. In the future, you should use healthy, fresh foods and treat yourself to small portions throughout the day.

This will help your blood sugar levels reach the right level. In addition, you should largely ban ready meals and foods with sugar. Not only does candy land on your hips, it also creates a bloated stomach. Better to use vegetable sticks and unsalted nuts.

5. Do sports in the evening

You should already take a digestive walk at lunchtime. Use your lunch break at work to get your metabolism going and get some fresh air. In the evening, the so-called catabolism shuts down to prepare the body for nighttime rest and sleep.

But this is not conducive to weight loss and a flat stomach. The motto is gathering up – even after work in the evening. Because jogging, cycling, swimming and yoga have an excellent effect on your figure, especially when you combine this with targeted abdominal distraction exercises.

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