Look Sunday

Look Sunday

Nothing better than a comfortable and super fresh look for the weekend, right?
Anyone who accompanies me on insta (@nocedanielle) knows that I’m in a phase of little monkeys! The piece is perfect for the summer!
This little monkey is light on the top, but what I loved most was the sweatshirt shots! The fabric is very comfortable and fits very well on the body.
Of course, I couldn’t wear sneakers more comfortable than that! I love Osklen’s because it matches any look and the color is super neutral!
The glasses are by Thierry Larsy – anyone who doesn’t know the brand needs to read this post, they will fall in love! In addition, the glasses left the production more tidy! I am crazy about this type of accessory that raises any look.

  1. Little monkey | Amp
  2. Glasses | Thierry Larsy
  3. Tennis | Osklen

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