Look with a Sunday face!

Look with a Sunday face!

Yesterday the day started early with a run and soon after we went to a really cool brunch on Google with lots of margaritas, tacos, sweets, live music and even girls dressed as mermaids swimming in the middle of the pool. Yes, this is real! And it’s obvious that you’re going to see everything on Austin’s vlog, okay?
After all these delights, we went to know Google Fiber and then I watched Bourdain’s lecture. I confess that I expected more, after all it was more him talking about his new program and how it was done, like a publi same. Despite that, it was super interesting to see how charismatic he is even though he doesn’t even care about the world, kkkk! Still during the afternoon I went to some lectures, much more technical about content, mass culture and technology.
I ended the day with a hamburger that was my lunch and, later, we went for a happy hour to watch the sunset!
Even with a busy day, I chose a look with the face of Sunday: super comfy! The palette was mostly gray, but nothing boring. The pants had a very small print and a wide pattern – a delight!
Of course I went with my inseparable white sneakers that left the look with that footprint Street same! Seriously folks, these shoes are the wildest for travel!
I opted for a smaller bag, but all detailed! In fact, I used the white version in one of the looks on the book tour, remember?
I added some necklaces and Jimmy Choo sunglasses to make the look with a little more information.
I have to confess that my favorite piece was that long cardigan that looked like Sunday! Warm, wide, very soft… Is there anything better?

  1. Pants | Cavalera
  2. Tennis | Adidas
  3. Cut | Riachuelo
  4. Cardigan | Petites Law
  5. Necklaces | Urban Outfitters
  6. Rings | Julia Blini
  7. Purse | Coach
  8. Glasses | Jimmy Choo

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