Looks ideas (and pieces) to use in the World Cup

Looks ideas (and pieces) to use in the World Cup

There is no use denying it: in Brazil’s game day many people like to have a thematic production. I confess that I am not the biggest football fan (by the way, far from it), but I still enjoy wearing pieces with a touch of color on those occasions.
I already made a post talking about great beauty products to use in the World Cup, however today I wanted to share some inspirations of looks that can be used during and, of course, after the games!


Are you more basic and don’t like mixing many colors in the same production? I understand you! For those who have this more casual and neutral style, it is worth betting on color points in the look. A shoe, a bag, a jewelery … All this works super and does not weigh anything in the composition!

A piece with one of the colors of the flag also goes very well with white, jeans, gray and other neutral tones. Aah, it’s worth investing in pastel tones for a more discreet effect, okay?


Combining vibrant colors in the same production is not a very easy task in everyday life, but the result is incredible. Why not take the opportunity to test new combinations with what you already have at home?
On game day everyone is colorful, so you don’t have to be afraid to dare. You can be surprised by the “unusual” and eye-catching combos in sports, casual and even more sophisticated productions!


Looks ideas (and pieces) to use in the World Cup
Incredibly, super-vibrant monochromatic looks are sometimes more “understated” than those in style Blocking colors. An all blue production, for example, is sophisticated and still yields countless other looks in the year. Not to mention the unique pieces, like dresses and overalls, which are easy to wear on that busy day, right?


I know that even with so many inspirations of looks, there are still people wanting a more themed shirt. To escape the classic and super sports model, I made a selection of 10 beautiful pieces that have everything to do with the occasion! I swear that even though I’m not a football fan, I felt like using several of them ?
Looks ideas (and pieces) to use in the World Cup
1- AMARO Brasil 70 T-shirt – R $ 79.90
2- Brasil Copa da Maria Filó jacket at Shop2gether – R $ 399.00
3- Football Pass T-Shirt at Renner – R $ 49.90
4- Cropped Brasil T-shirt by AMARO -R $ 59.90
5- A.Niemeyer’s Dribble Women’s Regatta at Shop2gether – R $ 494.00
6- Carol Farina Sweatshirt “What the People Want” – R $ 285.00
7- Copa Brasil Sports T-Shirt at Renner – R $ 35.90
8- Carol Farina Borogodó T-shirt – R $ 140.00
9- Joy Floral T-Shirt from Farm – R $ 259,00
10- AMARO Brazil Mesh Dress – R $ 99.90

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