Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Most of you may already know that I became a vegetarian a while ago and, look, if there’s one thing I noticed about it then it’s the difficulty of finding places that have a vegetarian menu. Fortunately, in some cities there are several options for restaurants that specialize in this or are willing to adapt the menu, as in Los Angeles.

There, in addition to several places that serve delicious salads, such as FoodLab, there are several other restaurants with incredible dishes. I have separated some of the most interesting places for those who are vegetarian or even for those who are not, but are willing to try something different! Ah, some of them are not specifically vegetarian, but I couldn’t leave them off the list ?


Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Jacob N. Layman via Time Out

Located in Little Tokyo, Shojin has a very eccentric and healthy cuisine. His cuisine is Japanese and very innovative. They seek to recreate typical Japanese dishes, making them vegetarian or vegan. It’s super interesting, especially for those who know the original recipes and try a different rereading.
One of the best known dishes there is the spicy tofu served with brown rice and also the miso soup with mushrooms. The menu changes regularly and anyone who loves Japanese food will love the place.
Address: Little Tokyo Shopping Center, 333 Alameda St

The accountant

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Mel Melcon via the Los Angeles Times

Le Comptoir’s menu features vegetables and star-like vegetables. They enhance the flavor of these foods with spices and adapt classics for vegetarian cuisine, such as velouté made from lettuce leaves, accompanied by small toasts. The tasting menu is completely vegetarian, meaning you will eat several dishes without having to worry about asking for a change.
The atmosphere is very simple and the tables are very close to the kitchen, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. Because, we can see the preparation of the dishes on the spot and see how they work!
Address: 3606 W 6th St


Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Posh Classy Mom

In addition to having a super nice space to stay, the PYT is that type of restaurant that is a mandatory stop. The menu is not entirely vegetarian, but there are few options with some type of meat. The dishes are very creative and interesting, as in the case of ricotta cavatelli with yogurt and nori seaweed. The desserts there are also great, you will even find tapioca with coconut ?
Address: 400 S Main St

Plant Food and Wine

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Hedonist Shedonist

Plant Food and Wine cuisine, led by chef Matthew Kenney, is based on plants and the dishes are super fresh. The restaurant is very large and has several outdoor tables, perfect for a sunny day.
The combinations created by the chefs are amazing and all options are vegetarian or vegan. One of the most interesting dishes is zucchini lasagna with macadamia ricotta and pistachio pesto sauce.
Address: 1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Crossroads Kitchen

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Vogue

Crossroads Kitchen is a vegan restaurant that seeks to please everyone. Their menu changes according to your schedule. There they serve pasta, soups, pizzas, salads and everything with a great combination of ingredients. To get an idea of ​​one of the dishes, one is grilled mushrooms accompanied by artichokes and mashed potatoes. Delight, right? Ah, you can go to the place at night just to have a few drinks and snacks ?
Address: 8284 Melrose Ave

Three guys

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Anne Fishbein via LA Weekly

This restaurant is not entirely vegetarian and unfortunately there are no vegan dishes, but it is still a good place for vegetarians. Trois Mec’s menu varies from day to day and is adapted when necessary for those who do not eat meat.
In order for them to make this change, especially in the tasting menu, you must notify them in advance so that they can prepare everything necessary. Make sure to book! Among some of the options they will offer, one of them may be asparagus served with fresh herbs and thickened egg yolk, along with pieces of brioche.
Address: 716 N Highland Ave

N / Naka

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Wtop

With a more refined menu and a higher price, N / Naka offers two tasting menu options, one of which is especially vegetarian. The menu is based on traditional Japanese dishes, but with modern readings. The crispy potato with mashed cauliflower and truffles opens the local tasting menu. They are always looking for something more innovative and eccentric.
Address: 3455 Overland Ave

Elf Cafe

Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: TimeOut

The Elf Café it has a menu full of vegetarian and vegan options, and no meat dishes. The menu is incredible and very varied, with great alternatives for dinner – they only work from 18:00! If you want a very substantial dish, for example, you can order the Greek risotto with sheep’s cheese or even a creamy polenta with smoked eggplant. The place is small and with darker lighting, but that makes it even more charming.
Address: 2135 Sunset Blvd


Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Disclosure

Hugos’s has one of the most flexible menus on that list! In addition to offering vegetarian and vegan options, he is willing to change other dishes so that the customer can eat. The menu also offers gluten-free food, that is, it is a restaurant designed for all types of taste.
Some of the vegetarian dishes you will find there are puttanesca polenta, mac & cheese, salads and sandwiches. The place is great for brunch or lunch!
Address: 8401 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood


Los Angeles Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Photo: Disclosure

This restaurant is ideal for those who like lighter meals and with super fresh ingredients. They sell some meat dishes, but much of the menu is based on vegetables, fruits and vegetables. One of the stars of Kismet is the broccoli toast or the spicy carrots served with chickpeas and almond broth. Another very interesting thing is that they have a menu for each meal of the day!
Address: 4648 Hollywood Blvd
These were some of the most different and cool places I found there. Do you know any other restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes besides salads? Comment here! Ah, if you want to watch our vlogs in Los Angeles just click here ?

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