Lose body fat Expert explains: With this trick, losing weight is very easy

Lose body fat Expert explains: With this trick, losing weight is very easy

Nutrition expert Paula Norris shows that you can lose weight without starvation, complicated concepts or counting calories. There is this simple trick behind this.

As nutrition expert Paula Norris proves, losing weight doesn’t always have to be the most creative diet. She swears by a light concept that aims at simply saving calories by rethinking the composition of the dish. The best thing about it: You don’t have to do without anything! You can find out what exactly is behind this below.

Nutrition expert Paula Norris lets over 100,000 followers share her tips about losing weight and healthy eating on her Instagram account “movingdietitian”. Her rubric “spot the difference” which means something like “recognize the difference” is particularly successful. In doing so, she compares the calorie intake of almost identical-looking plates. The only difference is in the proportions of the individual ingredients.

The proportions of the ingredients make the difference

Using the example of a vegetable pan with rice and chicken, she makes it clear what fine details can make big differences: Half a cup more rice and 100 grams more chicken as well as an additional teaspoon of olive oil and a little honey for sweetening add 250 kilocalories. Instead, she uses 150 grams more vegetables for the lower-calorie variant. In principle, that is the key to customer success, which happens almost on the side.

0.2 kilos of body fat less per week

As the online magazine “fitforfun” reported, according to Paula Norris, such a calorie difference leads in the long term to the fact that you can lose around 0.2 kilos of body fat per week. It would the nutrition expert says she never counts calories herself. “That drives me crazy!” She writes under a post. But she has a rough idea of ​​how to make filling meals without consuming too many calories. “You have to try to understand the calorie density of foods if you want to actively influence your weight. But every single gram is not important.”

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Side dish of vegetables

Her tips include some recurring points: Norris swears by large portions of vegetables in her dishes to keep you full. In this way you don’t have to go hungry or go without delicious ingredients. The key is simply to minimize high calorie foods and fill that void with low calorie vegetables. In this way you can be sure to still supply the body with enough nutrients. It is by no means advisable to completely cut fats or carbohydrates from the meal plan due to a diet.

Healthy eating without compulsion

If you take a closer look at Paula Norris’ profile, it quickly becomes clear that it is important to her not to motivate people to have an unhealthy relationship with nutrition and food. It only encourages you to think about the composition of the meals – without counting calories or weighing the individual ingredients. You will see: after a while you will develop a knack for what an appropriate, filling and healthy meal looks like for you. Eating should still bring joy and satisfaction! Norris’ motto: just share the dessert!

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