Lose fat on your belly Is now the pill that will melt your belly fat?
Lose fat on your belly is now the pill that

Lose fat on your belly Is now the pill that will melt your belly fat?

Nobody likes to be fat. After all, such a wobbly stomach not only looks unaesthetic, it is also extremely unhealthy. Losing belly fat, however, requires iron discipline and a hard will. So far, because researchers are looking for a weight loss pill.

It would be like a dream come true: Instead of tormenting yourself through a month-long diet and sweating in the gym, you just swallow a small pill or put a plaster on your stomach and the bacon will go away all by itself. Scientists are hot on the heels of such a drug, because obesity, that is, pathological obesity, is now developing into a veritable pandemic.

More and more people participate in global prosperity, can eat better, are getting fatter – and die from it. Obesity is the trigger for numerous serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases and is therefore one of the most common causes of death in industrialized nations. Pharmacologists cannot and do not want to leave that behind and have now achieved initial successes in getting rid of belly fat.

Fat is not just fat

The scientists’ approach is the fact that different types of adipose tissue are formed in the mammalian body. On the one hand there is the white fat, which is designed as a long-term energy store. In contrast, there is the brown fat, which acts like an electric blanket for us and does not store energy, but burns it. In between lies the beige fat: converted white fat cells that also consume energy.

So if there was a way to stimulate this conversion process, or even to turn white fat into brown, then the belly fat is very easy to lose. In fact, this effect has already been produced in mice. Scientists administered at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore gave the rodents a combination of active ingredients, after which the animals did not get fat despite high-calorie food, but actually lost weight.

The ring around your stomach just doesn't like going away?  Lots of sleep and regular meals can help.

Lose lower belly fat quickly
These 13 tips will help you lose your lower belly fat

Hip gold, swim ring or Mon Cheri belt – what charming terms we come up with for our bacon rolls, they are just annoying. But as quickly as the lower belly fat develops, it can also recede quickly. How it goes? With these 13 tips.

The body’s own substances

In the body of the mice, the conversion from white to brown fat was visibly accelerated after administration of the drug. The body’s own active substance microRNA-26 is responsible for this process. Their production, in turn, is favored by hormones such as testosterone and estrogen or catecholamines such as adrenaline and noradrenaline – all substances that occur in the human body anyway.

Based on these findings, the scientists now want to make the leap from mouse to human. Not with a weight loss pill, however. They expect more success from a plaster that can be stuck directly onto the belly fat or the thick thighs. This would not only ensure an even release of the active ingredient, it would primarily be used directly on the affected parts of the body.

Unfortunately, it is still not known when such a drug will actually be generally available. Nevertheless, the research is on an excellent path, says Tobias Fromme from the chair for molecular nutritional medicine at the Technical University of Munich to “stern.de”. He is of the opinion that in the worst case scenario, an anti-fat patch can fail because of its side effects. Until then, however, only eating healthy and a little exercise will help us to lose belly fat. So let’s hope for a quick breakthrough.

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