Lose weight 5 foods for a nice bottom

Lose weight 5 foods for a nice bottom

The buttocks are one of those parts of the body in women that they are never really satisfied with. For many it is too flat and they want a sexy bottom. It should be crisp, large and well-formed. We reveal how you can achieve this.

Stars like Jennifer Lopez (50) or Kim Kardashian (38) are known for their talents as a musician and clever business woman in particular for one part of the body: their shapely, big buttocks. And both are masters at staging it perfectly. Fans all over the world dream of such a sexy bottom – and come up with a lot for it. Hard training seems to be the first choice. Some even rely on an operation to have the desired curves missed on the buttocks if they are not naturally blessed with such.

“Healthline.com” now reveals that the healthiest and fastest way to a cracking buttocks is simply through a good workout in conjunction with the right diet. And it sounds pretty tasty!

Get on your buttocks!

In order to enlarge the buttocks, there is no avoiding targeted workout of the buttocks muscles. But stubborn training alone is not enough. In order to optimally support muscle growth, the diet must also be right. And the food that is involved has to do a lot: stimulate and increase muscle growth and at the same time contribute to the recovery of the muscles. Because no one has anything from overloading the muscles, apart from nasty muscle soreness and a lot of frustration.

Specifically, the training is about the small, medium and large gluteal muscles. Proteins are particularly important for building muscles, including for regeneration after a workout. Of course, you also need to make sure you have enough carbohydrates, healthy fats, and antioxidants to build your buttocks. But first and foremost, according to “healthline.com”, are proteins.

Proteins, proteins, proteins

Sure: Fast food, too much sugar and unhealthy fats are not beneficial for your butt mission. For your goal of a crisp butt, you have to consistently rely on foods that are high in protein. If this also works in combination with healthy fats, the jackpot beckons. Salmon is an excellent choice for this. Because it not only contains a lot of proteins, but also provides you with omega-3 acids. These help prevent inflammation and stimulate muscle growth as desired.

Eggs are a great source of protein, of course! Just start the day with a delicious omelette with vegetables. If you prefer something sweet in the morning, you can also prepare a Greek yogurt with fruits. On top of that, add a few pumpkin seeds, and you’ve got your buttocks off to a great start to the day. Why Greek Yogurt? Because it provides much more protein than normal yogurt and also contains a lot of calcium and vitamin B12. The pumpkin seeds provide the magnesium that your body urgently needs to maintain muscle function and a well-functioning metabolism.

Do you need to eat more protein?


5 signs you should be eating more protein!

Since every single cell in the body needs protein, you should always provide your body with enough protein. Find out here how to recognize a protein deficiency!

Chicken and avocado – a delicious combination

Would you like a little more for lunch? No problem: a cup of cottage cheese with fried chicken breast and avocado is a great source of protein. The mild cheese also contains casein, a milk protein that boosts your booty. Chicken breast supplies your body with vitamins B6 and B12 – this boosts the energy supply that you urgently need for your workout. And the benefits of the avocado? Lots of vitamin C, healthy fats, vitamin B6, magnesium, and loads of antioxidants. And according to a study by Skidmore College, New York, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, make your muscles recover faster after exercise. The potassium contained in the avocado is also involved in smooth muscle contraction – as well as muscle growth.

Not in the mood for milk? No problem

If you want to or have to forego dairy products, tofu is a great alternative to cottage cheese, yoghurt & Co. The protein that is contained in soy milk-based tofu is said to be according to a long-term study the University of Massachusetts that Stimulate muscle growth at least as much as casein, the protein from normal milk. … und if you really have to go really quickly and without cooking, you can also use a protein shake. It supplies your body with everything it needs after the workout.

Diet alone is not enough

You don’t have to get a personal trainer or sweat every day in the gym for an effective butt workout. There are also super effective exercises that you can do at home on an exercise mat: the classics are squats and donkey kicks, side lunges, but also many other exercises. On the way to your dream bottom you can also learn something from yoga: The “dog looking up”, a classic exercise in which you move from a push-up into a position with your arms pushed through and your upper body upright, is particularly beneficial for you nice crack bottom.

So: Take care of your mat and the right groceries in the supermarket, and soon you can look forward to a hot booty!

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