Lose weight and health expert reveals: You can get enough exercise at home

Lose weight and health expert reveals: You can get enough exercise at home

Do you think you don’t move enough and just sit at home? Don’t worry, our expert will explain to you how this problem belongs to the past.

The corona crisis ensures that all of Germany has to stay at home. While some are still driving to work, many are at home. But not only working in the home office, but also the exit restriction imposed ensures that many people do not move much all day. They spend most of their time sitting and lack movement. We humans are simply not made to sit at our desks and on the sofa all day. Health problems such as illnesses, bad posture or tension are the result. In this article you will find out how to balance your body and how to stay fit during the corona crisis!

What are your options?

First of all, it is important that you analyze your current situation. Perhaps you do not have the opportunity to work in the home office and still have your way to work every day, on which you can collect a few steps and move. Order you have a dog that needs exercise several times a day – you definitely have some exercise.

If you long for more exercise or if neither of the two examples apply to you, you have to ask yourself: What options do I have at home? Do I have enough space for a training session at home? Do I have a mat or carpet for sitting or lying down? Are there any aids such as dumbbells, balls or exercise bands that I have available? All of these questions can help you find the right workout for you.

To go for a walk

A nice way to get exercise and be in the fresh air at the same time is to take a walk. This will do you good, especially after work or as a break in between when you work in the home office. Both the exercise and the fresh air will give you new energy for the rest of the day! Maybe you even have the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest or in the fields, which also ensures relaxation and serenity.

Endurance sports

Endurance sports are directly linked to a walk. Instead of taking a walk, you can also go walking, jogging or cycling. In this way you keep yourself fit and can also (in the best case) soak up the sun or move in the fresh air!

Of course, you can also train your endurance at home. For example, if you have a treadmill, an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer at home. Another possibility are online workouts, in which the focus is on endurance training, such as B. aerobics or Zumba. In good weather, I can only recommend training outside, because the fresh air will do you good!

Training with your own body weight

Your gym has closed and you are now wondering how you can bridge the time so that you stay fit? There is a very simple solution: training with your own body weight. You can also do the basic exercises, such as squats or push-ups, in your own four walls. Maybe you even have high school straps or individual dumbbells available? This allows you to make your home workout even more intense. Instead of light dumbbells, you can also simply use water bottles.

Social media as a tool

Since the gyms have unfortunately had to close, many studios offer their members options such as live classes or recorded workouts. In this way, you can take part in the course program with your usual trainers from home – without incurring additional costs.

But no fear! If you don’t have a gym membership or your gym doesn’t offer these options, there are still countless ways you can stay fit on social media during this time. There are a multitude of videos and tips for your training at home on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Whether strength training, dance sport or yoga – you will find instructions for every sport in a wide variety of formats. For free or for a donation, you can take part in live workouts, attend webinars, watch recorded videos or download training plans for home workouts.

Online courses

Another option is online courses. These are usually chargeable and follow a program with a goal over a certain period of time. After booking, you have access to an online platform and you can complete the course. There are different formats of online courses. Some you can complete at your own pace, others include live events in addition to the existing materials.

In addition, some fitness studios now offer their current online program not only for members, but also for external users. Usually you can then book individual hours online and then simply join in from home – just like members of the respective sports studio.

We have a full body workout here for the whole week!

Marians Welt - sport

Home workout
Strong together: train your whole body with us

The gym is closed and you hardly move due to home office and corona restrictions? We have the solution: Train together with us from your living room!

Don’t forget to relax

You can also do yoga, meditations or other relaxation methods thanks to a variety of offers at home on your own mat. In this way you also keep yourself mentally fit, which is currently more important than ever. It is an unfamiliar and new time for each of us and therefore it is important that you not only pay attention to your fitness, but also to your mental health!

Generally keep moving

Design your everyday life in such a way that you generally keep moving. Make sure you take active breaks, during which you might get some fresh air or do some stretching exercises. This gives you new energy and allows you to continue working with greater concentration. Make yourself a coffee or tea in between and drink enough water. If you’re having a hard time taking breaks or taking breaks, set an alarm to remind yourself.

Create routines

The best way to stay fit regularly is to do a routine. Try to create a time in your everyday life in which you do sports. This can be in the morning as a morning routine or every day after work. Yoga or relaxation units are very suitable for an evening routine. Routines will help you stick with it and stay motivated. Otherwise it can happen to you that the “right” time for the sports unit does not come during the day – and in the end it is over without you having moved.

The current situation is new for all of us and we all have to find our way around first. Don’t be too strict with yourself if you have to get used to it and everything doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Try to create routines and structure yourself well, that will help you!

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