Lose Weight Easily Infused Water – The Latest Weight Loss Trend

Lose Weight Easily Infused Water - The Latest Weight Loss Trend

Are you still working towards your bikini figure? Then you absolutely have to drink infused water: we will explain for you how you can best prepare the trendy lemon water and what is behind the weight loss secret!

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The magazines are overwhelmed with diet tips and low-calorie foods. But what you drink is also extremely important if you want to lose weight. It’s no secret that, with or without a diet, water is always the number one drink. Because your body needs enough fluids to stay awake and healthy.

No more boring taste: this is how you create variation!

We should consume about two liters of water a day – this is not only extremely important for our energy balance and our attention, enough water also has positive effects on our skin and even helps us lose weight. Enough reasons to drink enough! This is easier said than done in hectic everyday life: In addition, tasteless water becomes much too boring for us in the long run. No more: with waterdrop From now on let’s fertilize our water by simply adding a sugar-free, tasty fizzy cube – and everyone has been enthusiastic since “The Lion’s Den”!

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Lose Weight Easily Infused Water - The Latest Weight Loss Trend

What’s in infused water?

Whether lemon water, cucumber water or raspberry water: Infused water means that you add minerals, vitamins and great flavors to your daily water ration to make it even healthier.

Because when cucumbers or lemons swim in the water for a long time, they release their vitamins into the water and are therefore very good for your health. By the way, making infused water yourself is a must. Because bought, flavored water is usually provided with sweetener or sugar: an absolute no-go!

How can I lose weight with water?

Fruits and vegetables that you add to your water not only provide delicious taste and more vitamins. There are also types of fruit that can promote weight loss in water.

Lemon, for example, stimulates your metabolism and improves your digestion. The combination of mint and cucumber is also unbeatable. Because mint contains essential oils that inhibit appetite. This infused water is therefore ideal for your diet.

You can find out more about losing weight here.

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Keto diet
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Losing weight and keeping it off – this is the desire of every diet. The keto diet should make this easy, according to researchers at Harvard University.

The best preparation for lemon water

In order to really bring out the power in the lemon, the correct preparation of lemon water is extremely important. That’s how it works:

Wash and squeeze the lemon. Put the juice and the bowl in a carafe and fill up with hot and cold water.

The lemon peel must definitely be in your infused water. Because this is where most of the nutrients and vitamins are. It is also important that your lemon water is not too hot. Because in this way you destroy the vitamins that are mainly located under the shell. If you don’t like lukewarm water, you can still prepare the infused water this way and then keep it cool. This way most of the vitamins remain in the water.

Raspberries and cucumber – a tasty alternative

Once you’ve had enough lemon water, there are other ways to make water for weight loss. Our favorites are:

1. Mint and cucumber water

Simply pluck off the fresh mint leaves, rinse briefly and hit them with the flat of your hand – this releases the essential oils. Cut the cucumber into slices and pour water over everything.

2. Raspberry Coconut Water

Add 100 milliliters of coconut water and a handful of raspberries to a large water carafe. The raspberries provide you with important vitamins and the low-calorie coconut water is high in antioxidants that will keep you healthy and fit. A great alternative to the iso sports drink!

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