Lose Weight Like the Stars These foods appear in every model diet

Lose Weight Like the Stars These foods appear in every model diet

They are slim, in top shape and also have great skin: But models like Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bündchen or Lily Aldridge also accept a lot for their great appearance. In addition to a strict exercise program, they stick to a strict diet. The amazing thing: As different as these nutritional methods are, they all have a common basis.

Hard training, no fatty food, little sweets and yet the bikini figure remains a pipe dream? There can be many reasons why the pounds are not shedding. Sometimes the hormones are to blame too. Your drinking habits, for example, should not be underestimated: If you consume too little water, your kidneys can suffer.

Women drink water

Drink properly
How much fluid is needed and when it becomes too much

“You have to drink a lot!” One hears this well-intentioned advice again and again. And in fact, adequate hydration is important for health. But how much is enough? What should you drink and can you actually drink too much?

If nothing helps in the end, a diet usually has to serve. With fasting plans and the like, each of us has tried it before, and a new trend is constantly spilling over to us from the States, which promises even better results in an even shorter time. It is difficult to keep track and decide on a weight loss concept. But maybe it doesn’t have to be there at all? Miranda Kerr (34), Gisele Bündchen (37) and Lily Aldrige (31) told Vogue.com how they keep their super figure. And although every model is enthusiastic about a different method, the bottom line is that they all have the same secret.

Vegetables, fruits and whole grain products make the pounds drop off

While the pretty Brazilian Gisele Bündchen and her husband, football star Tom Brady (39), rely on the plant-based concept and avoid white sugar, white flour, caffeine and nightshade plants, among other things, Miranda Kerr does without cereals and wheat in her blood group diet and certain beans. Lily Aldrige, on the other hand, swears by the “Sakara Life” diet – here the body should only be supplied with good, untreated foods that contain many nutrients and provide an extra portion of energy.

However, all three nutritional concepts rely on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Gisele’s diet is almost exclusively beans, millet, quinoa, duck and salmon. And Miranda and Lily also rely on a predominantly vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

This is how you make your body feel better

And indeed: those who rely solely on plant-based foods are good for the body – and can lose three to four kilos in a week without going hungry. Because animal foods, as well as caffeine and alcohol, are debilitating factors. If you do without it, your metabolism is relieved and the pounds drop off.


Diet tip
These 3 tricks get your metabolism going

The secret to losing weight fast? A quick metabolism!

However, you should always remember that only a long-term nutritional concept offers a chance of lasting success. Relieving fruit and vegetable days make you feel good, but in the long run you should rely on a nutrition plan that gives you the power you need to persevere.

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