Lose Weight Like the Stars This is how much you can really lose weight with the help of a nutrition coach

Lose Weight Like the Stars This is how much you can really lose weight with the help of a nutrition coach

Many Hollywood stars cannot imagine life without him: The nutrition coach helps where not only a diet should pave the way to the desired figure – but a completely new form of nutrition. But is it really worth investing in a professional? Marians Welt has tested it!

One thing is certain: nutrition coaches are in great demand – and not only in Hollywood anymore. “Affording” a consultant on nutrition is also a trend for normal people. Popular nutritional concepts such as the 30-70 rule have contributed to this. It says that ultimately only 30 percent of exercise, but 70 percent of diet, is what counts when losing weight or getting in shape. But is that really true?

A question that Daniela Laubinger is asked a lot. For many years, the Hamburg nutritionist and alternative practitioner has been helping people to feel good again with their “Natural Weight Loss” (NWL) program. Her customer base is diverse – it ranges from celebrities to influencers to mums who want to shed the pounds after a pregnancy. Above all, the ongoing trend around a healthy lifestyle has ensured a good order situation for her. The willingness to work on one’s own nutrition has increased significantly, as she explains in the Marians Welt interview:The demand is very high. Many come to us because of the sustained success of their friends, colleagues or neighbors. They want something like that too – preferably immediately. ”

Laubinger’s customers come from Germany, but also from Europe. The consultation process is quickly explained: “We send the materials by post and accompany them by phone or email. Part of the successful concept of the NWL cure is personal support from my team and me. We are at your side with advice and tips and motivate you, so that the desired weight is achieved and maintained. And of course we would like to be happy about the successes and positive side effects such as a more beautiful complexion, better digestion or more energy. “

How exactly does the nutritional advice work?

The most important thing is that everyone has their own sense of wellbeing in their own body, the expert emphasizes: “Regardless of whether you want to lose 3-5, 10 or 50 kilos: The loss is a dynamic process and we only start with the 14-day treatment for each participant. Of course you haven’t reached your target weight after two weeks, but you can find your way into it and have the first successes. That gives the NWL cure a certain lightness, one is motivated – and plans the duration of the cure together with us at one’s personal rhythm. “

That sounded logical to me – and so shortly afterwards I found myself in a phone call for mine Anamnesis interview again. It was about far more than I expected: the medical history, the personal situation, the eating habits and the personal goals. The blood count that I had done beforehand at the family doctor was particularly helpful. In this way, possible deficiencies could be addressed immediately – and the individual nutrition plan of the NWL cure was created.

On to new (nutritional) plans!

No question about it: when it comes to a nutrition plan, opinions are divided. I actually need a detailed plan that shows me exactly what is allowed and what is not. That makes it easier for me – even when family, friends and colleagues clapped their hands over my head and rolled their eyes. They expected that from now on I would not be allowed to eat anything and would walk around in a bad mood and slightly aggressive from now on. But (spoiler alert!) It turned out very differently …

Because then it had finally come, the day X, on which my personal “Natural Weight Loss” journey started: My package with the documents, the tea, the nutrition plan and the – attention – injections arrived. Because: Contrary to what I expected, it didn’t start with a soup day, a relief day or an “I only eat vegetables” day, but rather with the first injection and the announcement “Eat what you like!”. The so-called “Schlemmertag” should make it easier for you to get started and enjoy what is to come. That started well once before.

The following days were all about getting used to it. Based on my values, I was allowed to eat the following per day: crispbread, quark and turkey breast for breakfast. Two snacks with fruit and a lunch as well as a dinner that should contain little fat but a lot of vegetables and protein. Another surprise: Contrary to expectations, not just a few foods were allowed, but a wide range – across the fruit, vegetable and fresh food counters in this republic. Breathe. Not only with me, but also with those around me. Should the bad mood really stay in the drawer?

What the hell are these injections actually?

But wait a minute: injections – that sounded dangerous to me at first. In fact, they are part of the program. You are placed three times a week by yourself, simply as a so-called subcutaneous injection into the belly fat.

But there is no need to panic. Of course, there are precise instructions that Daniela Laubinger and her team can even carry out via video telephony if so desired. Yes, at first I also wondered if I should really give myself that. But it is well known Away yes the goal. After all, quite a few people before me have done it – and survived. Admittedly, it was strange at the beginning, but now I’m a total professional. It just belongs to it. But why do you actually need these injections? Laubinger said: “The NWL cure combines an individually tailored nutrition plan with a homeopathic complex of active ingredients with the aim of keeping the blood sugar level more constant and the metabolism at a more active level. “

But be careful: That doesn’t mean that gluttony can get out of hand because you have the injections anyway. It should rather be understood as a supplement. And of course (as with all changes and adjustments!) a portion of discipline and patience if you really want a fresh start. A change in diet is also a consciously initiated process that takes time – but which also has its successes.

Just call me “Jamie Oliver”!

The nice thing about a nutrition plan is that at some point you start to get creative, as far as possible. You combine foods that you might never have tried before. You try your hand at preparation methods, spices and kitchen utensils that you either didn’t know you had or that they actually existed. My friend, who was initially skeptical, is now an enthusiastic supporter of my vegetable-chicken-beef pans and would also give me awards for them. The “golden chicken” would then just concern … me! Or maybe I should just give Jamie Oliver a call and think about a second line of business.

In short: the desire to cook and to try things out was rekindled very quickly. That conjures up one or the other top chef in us. Because it should be fun – and it does. Nothing is more boring than dreary, creeping everyday life with the well-known bastard. It usually shows up at the same time and starts to shake the motivation. Currently, however, he is sitting at the table and whining because he still wants an extra plate. He’s never heard of a nutrition plan or even self-discipline – pfff, amateur!

And now “Butter bei de ‘Fisch” – or: What was it really good for?

After eight weeks, the account was then settled. While the bastard had already placed himself next to the scales with handkerchiefs and chocolate, I walked to the scales like Rocky Balboa, almost accompanied by epic music. I stood on it and lo and behold: final weight 64 kilos. Gasping. Infinite joy rose in me. Where’s the confetti when you need it?

Because it meant that I lost eight pounds. I was proud – and honestly: I still am. Ultimately, this proves that discipline when it comes to nutrition pays off. Daniela Laubinger was also happy when I told her about my success: “Although I have been helping people achieve their desired weight for 13 years now, I am still excited about every single one. It’s just wonderful to witness the development. Many of our customers are almost on friendly terms, as we not only talk about the food during the cure, but also about the most personal aspects of their lives that affect their eating behavior. “

So if you are wondering whether it is worth hiring a professional, I can only answer with a clear nod of the head. But so we don’t get each other wrong: You have to take on the bastard yourself …

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