Lose Weight & Obesity Shock – Can Carbonated Water Really Make You Fat?

Lose Weight & Obesity Shock - Can Carbonated Water Really Make You Fat?

Water is an important part of any diet. But researchers now want to have found out that carbonated water acts as a fattening agent.

Most people around the world turn to carbonated water when they want to quench their thirst. In Germany, around 80% disdain still water and prefer carbonated water. The bubbly water should also play an important role in losing weight and positively support every type of diet. Now, however, researchers have spoken out who want carbonated water to be exposed as fattening food.

Feelings of hunger are triggered by carbonated water

At the University of Bir Zait in Ramallah in the West Bank, a team of scientists intensively investigated the side effects of carbonated water. So far they assumed that this water has no calories and therefore supports weight loss and therefore cannot be considered a fattening agent.

Amazingly, however, various experiments have shown that carbonated water seems to interfere with our hormonal balance and thus trigger feelings of hunger. If you then give in to this feeling of hunger, you not only prevent your success in losing weight, but also run the risk of gaining weight.

The first test was with rats that were put on a diet and given carbonated water to drink. As a result, the effects of this water were also tested on people who were on a diet. The results were unexpected as rats and humans gained weight instead of losing weight. The liver fat levels also increased in both test groups, according to the study on obesityresearchclinicalpractice.com.



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Carbonated water is a fattener

The carbonic acid will affects the hormone ghrelin and increases the pressure in the stomach. The cells that respond to the pressure release more ghrelin. This makes you feel hungry. The liver is also stimulated. It stores more fat than usual when you then indulge your hunger and eat something.

Lose weight with drinking alternatives

Even if carbonated water stimulates the appetite, you do not have to do without the consumption of mineral water. If you want to lose weight, try to drink water with a very low carbon dioxide content. Alternative drinks that are not considered fattening and still taste good and quench your thirst are even better.

For example, you can use still water mixed with freshly squeezed orange or pomegranate juice. Any other 100% pure fruit juice mixed with tap water is also not considered fattening and can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

In conclusion: Even if the carbon dioxide has negative effects on your hormonal balance, there are the actual fattening foods during a diet are drinks, which contain a lot of sugar in addition to carbon dioxide.

This means that if you want to lose weight, you should avoid the fattening foods in the form of sugary drinks and instead drink water that has a great taste thanks to freshly squeezed juices.



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