Lose weight on two wheels Get on the saddle – how you can easily lose weight with cycling

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Lose weight while cycling? Yes! Because the sport on the bike kills the fat like hardly any other sport. Depending on the intensity, you can burn between 120 and 450 calories and more per hour on a bike tour.

So – off the sofa and into your bike outfit. We have put together an overview of how you can best lose weight while cycling.

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Those who ride a bike live healthy

When cycling, the metabolism is really put on its toes and at the same time fat burning is boosted. In addition, more than half of the body weight is carried by the saddle, making it ideal for people who weigh a few pounds more. The popular leisure sport is also extremely gentle on the joints, as the stress on the body due to the soft, springy movements on the well-padded saddle is less than is the case with other activities such as jogging. This makes the sport also suitable for older people who can stay active with cycling and keep fit at the same time.

Cycling also trains important muscle groups in the body – especially the muscles in the thighs, calves and buttocks. This not only ensures beautiful legs and a firm buttocks – the increased muscle growth is also responsible for higher fat burning, which has a positive effect on weight loss.

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How many calories do I burn when I ride a bike?

When cycling, between 120 and 450 calories are due per hour. Trained bikers can do more. The most important factors are the cyclist’s age, speed and body weight. But be careful: it is possible that after the first training units you will start to weigh more. But don’t worry, these are the trained muscles. And you can be doubly happy about it: More muscle means better burning of body fat.

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Riding a bike – losing weight in numbers

The following applies: The more intensely you pedal, the higher the calorie consumption:

  • At around 15 kilometers an hour, 120 to 200 calories are broken down.

  • At around 19 to 22 kilometers an hour, around 330 to 450 calories are burned.

  • With more than 22 kilometers per hour, 450 calories and more are in it.

And to make it plastic: That corresponds roughly to a bowl of tiramisu or half a pizza salami. The next time you crave these foods, you will probably think twice – unless you have really swept the asphalt beforehand.

The table shows that the calorie consumption per hour depends heavily on the speed driven. So the faster you drive, the more energy you have to spend on it. That means your body is burning more calories. So if you want to burn off a lot of calories quickly while cycling, you should really pedal.

What does the calorie consumption when cycling depend on?

Of course, it also depends on whether you are going uphill or downhill. Going downhill is easier because you can almost easily roll yourself here. So of course you burn fewer calories. But if you cycle uphill, you have to generate more energy and burn significantly more calories as a result.

Of course, you also consume significantly fewer calories with an e-bike than with a mountain bike, with which you speed quickly over the streets or through steep terrain.

Even on a tour through the city, the constant stopping at traffic lights, zebra crossings and the like will certainly burn fewer calories than on a bike tour overland. Cycling through the green nature is also a lot healthier, as the exhaust gases are not inhaled. Nevertheless, cycling in the city is also fun – because what could be nicer than picking up the children from daycare by bike or bringing the basket full of colorful and fresh ingredients from the market home safely by bike.

The calorie consumption cannot be quantified in general, because it always depends on the terrain and the energy you expend. In short: cycling is healthy and fun. And you can lose a lot of unwanted pounds almost by the way.

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