Lose Weight Permanently If you stick to these three things, you will stay slim!

Lose Weight Permanently If you stick to these three things, you will stay slim!

5: 2 diet, fasting or slim while you sleep – the list of the best ways to lose weight just keeps getting longer. But the resounding success – at least in the long term – mostly failed to materialize. Maybe because we didn’t take these things to heart?

Counting calories is one of them

Unfortunately, losing weight is also pure mathematics. Because for the body to fall back on its fat reserves, the daily calorie balance must be negative. That is why it is said: Always count what you eat throughout the day.

You keep the overview with a meal table in which you enter the meals. Special apps that automatically calculate the number of calories in foods or homemade dishes are also helpful.

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This is how many calories you can eat to lose weight

If you don’t want to rely on the electronic calorie counter, you can easily calculate your own consumption and the number of calories required.

Diets are not a permanent solution

Those who fast or completely avoid carbohydrates will of course lose some weight over time. But then we fall back into old eating habits and the kilos are quickly on again.

So dieting is useless if you don’t rethink your own lifestyle and change your habits in general. This can mean that you eat on a low-carb basis in the evening or avoid biscuits and soft drinks as far as possible. Of course, cheating is allowed every now and then. This minimizes the risk of eating attacks and makes you happier. After all, you shouldn’t scourge yourself for the rest of your life.

Just climbing stairs is not enough

Losing weight is work – hard work. Because anyone who tries to regulate their weight through eating alone will soon reach their limits. Sport is therefore important. The walk during the lunch break is not enough, however. Recommendation: At least one hour a day jogging, fitness studio or other sport that increases the pulse significantly. This is how you build muscles. Not only do they look good, the muscle mass also stimulates the body to burn more calories.

Once you have got used to these three everyday routines, it will be much easier for you to maintain the weight permanently.

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