Lose weight quickly Up to 5 kilos in a week: This is how you get slim fast

Lose weight quickly Up to 5 kilos in a week: This is how you get slim fast

You can look forward to a diet that doesn’t cause the yo-yo effect. With the low carb diet, your pounds drop in no time. We explain to you what you have to pay attention to.

With the low-carb diet you can lose weight in a healthy way and quickly if you do not consume more than 20-30g carbohydrates per day.

This method curbs your appetite and boosts your metabolism so that you can lose weight without feeling hungry. A low-carb diet also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

If you heed the following advice, you can lose up to five kilograms per week because your body will adjust to natural fat burning on its own.

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Five tips on how to lose weight successfully with the low-carb diet

1. Remove carbohydrates and sugar from the menu

Sugar and starch have a very strong influence on your insulin balance. The largest fat store in the body is the hormone insulin. With a low-carbohydrate diet, you can significantly lower insulin levels and thus also reduce your fat stores. Your body now burns these fats instead of carbohydrates that are no longer in your diet.

You should also drink at least two and a half liters of water or unsweetened tea. This will help your kidneys work, reducing sodium and fluid retention. Sugar is found in all soft drinks and in most ready-made meals, so it is important to prepare all meals yourself.

2. Vegetables, proteins and fats are put on the plate

In your meals on a low-carb diet, you should include many low-carb vegetables and high-protein foods. You can find protein fat sources in beef, chicken, lamb, and pork, as well as in fish such as trout, salmon, scampi and lobster.

Of course, eggs and dairy products are an excellent source of protein. You can also rely on vegetable proteins such as soy, tempeh and seitan.
Low carb vegetables include kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, cauliflower, spinach, and Brussels sprouts, among others.

For frying or salad dressings, you should use healthy oils with saturated fatty acids such as olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. If you eat a lot of protein-rich foods, you will have less cravings for nibbles and snacks and can save over 400 calories a day.

3. Treat yourself to a cheat day

If you have a great craving for carbohydrates, then you can treat yourself to a solid day of the week to eat a little more healthy carbohydrates. You can treat yourself to rice, quinoa, potatoes, and fruits. If you don’t crave carbohydrates, then stick to your low-carb diet and skip Cheat Day.

4. Exercise enough

No matter what diet you choose, weight loss will be difficult without exercise. To burn fat and tone your body, you need to exercise three to four times a week. In the gym, you can reduce a lot of body fat and boost your metabolism through strength training and stretching exercises.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can do cardio workouts at home. For example, on the internet you can find many different exercises that are real fat killers. Also, walking, running, and swimming all help burn calories.

5. Be patient

Some lose weight faster, others a little more slowly. Do not set yourself too high goals, even if it is possible to lose five pounds in a week with the low carb method. Think of the many benefits of focusing on a low-carb diet.

If you are out and about in a restaurant with friends, order low carb meals. As with any diet, a positive attitude is important so that your body and your brain want to lose weight.

Eat more slowly, use small plates, and get a good night’s sleep. Your hunger and appetite are drastically reduced with the low-carb diet, so that you can hardly fail with this method if you stick to our tips.

What is the healthy pace for losing weight?

Half a kilo a week, this is the rule of thumb that many weight loss experts give us so that our dieting success can last over the long term. With five kilos in seven weeks, those who wanted to lose weight with the app were a little faster than recommended. However, this can also be due to the fact that the kilos tumble faster with a high starting weight at the beginning of a diet. The most important thing in the weight loss plan is always to follow your own pace and not let yourself be put under pressure. Crash diets may seem tempting at first, but above all water and muscle reserves are burned – the fat pads are only used later. Continuous weight loss with a balanced diet is better.

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