Lose weight These drinks stimulate the thyroid gland and thus the burning of fat

Lose weight These drinks stimulate the thyroid gland and thus the burning of fat

The right drink can help with this: Our thyroid is considered to be the engine of metabolism and is important for effective fat burning.

If you want to lose pounds as effectively as possible and work on your bikini figure, there are many things to consider. When, how often, how much and what to eat? Counting calories or interval fasting? Eat balanced and wholesome but only small amounts or choose special diets that focus on certain foods or food combinations? Every type of weight loss involves activating the energy metabolism and burning fat. This is where the thyroid comes into play, which we usually don’t think enough about in this context. Thyroid hormones play an important role in regulating how the fats, carbohydrates and proteins in our food are metabolized.

Thyroid: Small organ with a big impact

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped organ, is located in the throat below the larynx. This is where iodine is stored and converted into iodine-containing hormones. They are called thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3) and calcitonin. They are very important for the entire organism and cell growth – but especially for the energy metabolism. In the case of thyroid disorders, such as over- or under-functioning, the body’s hormone metabolism is imbalanced and countermeasures must be taken, for example with special medication.

In addition to various foods that you can put on the menu for an active thyroid to stimulate fat burning, there are also drinks that have this positive effect.

Coconut oil is said to have a positive effect on your thyroid if you are underactive.

Decanter with coconut oil, coconuts

Metabolism Booster
This is why coconut oil can help you with an underactive thyroid

Those with hypothyroidism have to struggle with various symptoms, against which coconut oil is a real secret weapon. In particular, metabolism and digestion are stimulated.

Green smoothies

Smoothies have long since found a permanent place in our diet, not only for breakfast or as a snack for that certain power kick. They are kind of “in between” – half drinking, half eating – depending on how much fluids you use. If you opt for a green smoothie variant, you can add the iodine-containing ingredients spinach and algae, for example. This actively supports the hormone production of the thyroid.

If you also add a few nuts of your choice, you stimulate the thyroid even more. Quite apart from the thyroid booster effect, you are always on the right side with a smoothie if you want to do something good for your body. Because of the types of fruit and vegetables used, the fruity drinks always contain important vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients. Antioxidants in the fresh drink keep you healthy by catching free radicals and helping to detoxify and purify your body.

Of course, a smoothie has calories, but it also makes you feel full. The energy comes from the natural sugar in the fruit and the unsaturated fatty acids in the nuts. If you increase the proportion of vegetables, you can save calories.

Do you still lack the equipment you need to prepare delicious smoothies?

Smoothie maker

Delicious & fruity
These are the 5 most popular smoothie makers – and they’re on sale right now

Smoothies are rich in vitamins and also taste great. So that you can prepare your favorite drink yourself in the future, we have selected the best smoothie makers for you.

Protein-containing drinks such as milk and Co.

Protein also stimulates the thyroid and thus stimulates the production of the hormones T3 and T4. So you can do something with a glass of milk or drinking yoghurt to stimulate your metabolism and thus the burning of fat. But be careful – as with smoothies, when drinking milk, a lot doesn’t help much. Moderation is the order of the day, because milk is also a high-calorie drink.

Tea in many varieties

Tea always tastes good – in winter it warms body and soul, in summer it cools with mint and lemon, for example. The health-promoting properties of green tea are well known; it helps the immune system, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels and makes the skin look more beautiful. It also stimulates the metabolism and can thus help you lose weight. As “grazia-magazin.de” emphasizes, rooibos teas – which are available in a wide variety of flavors – or fennel tea help to activate the thyroid. Accordingly, rooibos tea can also support the treatment of an underactive thyroid.

In addition to its varied taste, tea has amazing health-promoting effects.


Simple remedy
A cup of tea can cut your risk of dementia in half

Our life expectancy is increasing steadily and with it, unfortunately, the risk of developing dementia. According to a new study, a very common antidote helps: black tea.

Coffee for the slim line?

Can’t you really wake up without the caffeine kick in the morning and love your cup of coffee? If you don’t go overboard with the crowd, there’s nothing wrong with it. And coffee not only awakens the spirits. It also stimulates the metabolism in such a way that it boosts fat burning and thus attacks the unloved cushions. However, for the sake of your figure, you should be sparing with additives such as sugar, cream or syrup variants.


The cool water – also from the pipe – is a jack-of-all-trades with positive effects on all areas and functions of the body. That is why it is so important to drink around two liters every day – especially water, which, by the way, can be refined with lemon, a sprig of peppermint or a few slices of apple, orange or cucumber. Especially non-carbonated water gets the metabolism going and helps get rid of pollutants and lose pounds.

Caffeine junkies knew it – coffee is better than its reputation!

Woman drinks a coffee

Study proves
Coffee drinkers have stronger bones

The enjoyment of coffee has long had a rather ambiguous reputation. Now, however, there are increasing numbers of studies that ascribe a health-promoting effect to hot drinks. The latest message from the University of Hong Kong: Coffee keeps bones strong!

Drink and eat thyroid healthy

Especially those who suffer from an underactive thyroid often feel weak, in a bad mood and tired – and losing weight does not work either. Therefore, you should counteract this with a clever menu. It is advisable to prepare iodine-containing dishes such as fish and seafood more often and also to keep the thyroid gland in mind when choosing drinks. Of course, as with any attempt at weight loss, the following applies here: only if you burn more energy than you consume can you recognize success on the scales.

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