Lose weight These tips will make you feel slimmer in the morning

Military Diet This diet promises five pounds in a week

If you eat wrongly in the evening, this can also affect your hips. We have 4 tips for you on how you can lose weight with dinner and lose a few pounds overnight.

Do you find it nice to have dinner after work? That is understandable, because the hectic pace and stress of the day are over and we come to rest. But you should make sure that you the right dinner to you – especially if you want to lose weight.

Basically you should always Drink plenty of water, because this has no calories and also satisfies the feeling of hunger. Have a large glass of water before dinner and you’ll feel full. You should also eat no later than two hours before bed.

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1. Tip for losing weight: Don’t go to bed hungry

If you think it’s best not to eat anything in the evening to save calories, then you are doing your health bad. An old saying goes: “Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar”. How welt.de reports, biologists confirm with their research that this comes closest to the human internal clock. So it is not good for your health to go to bed on an empty stomach. Your sleep will only be impaired and your muscle growth will slow down. However, you should eat little and only treat yourself to healthy, low-calorie foods for dinner.

2. Tip for losing weight: Prepare your own food

Even if you don’t feel like preparing your own dinner anymore, you should anyway do not use ready-made meals. They appear practical – no cutting, no cooking or roasting, no washing dishes and hardly any waiting times. But the more the food is processed industrially, the more additives, flavorings and sugar it contains.

If it is too tedious and time-consuming for you to stand in the kitchen in the evening, then you can prepare a few things the day before. Or what speaks against the traditional dinner? With a delicious wholemeal or protein bread with quark and parsley you have a delicious and healthy dinner that is prepared in no time.

In this article, we’re going to dig deeper into a myth: Does dinner really make you fat?


Healthy eating
Does dinner really make you fat?

“Don’t eat so much anymore, it’s already late, that makes you fat!” – you will definitely know this sentence in one way or another. But is it really true that we put on weight more when we eat late? Or does this rumor just belong in the great pile of food myths?

3. Tip for weight loss: Goodbye carbohydrates!

You should say goodbye to pasta, rice and potatoes for dinnerif you want to lose weight. Carbohydrate foods cause your blood sugar levels to rise and fat loss is blocked. This is also confirmed to Professor Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for Nutritional Research apotheken-umschau.de. You should prefer vegetables and salad, as well as quinoa, sweet potatoes, tofu and other protein-containing foods. And then arrange them on a small plate with a small portion.

4. Tip for losing weight: Snacking healthily

You shouldn’t be eating a few hours before bedto achieve good weight loss results. Under no circumstances should you reach for chips, chocolate and other snacks – instead, celery sticks, cucumber canapés or a fresh watermelon.

It’s best to do another one before bed little walk. The fresh air drives away thoughts of nibbles and lets you fall asleep wonderfully.

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