Lose weight vegetables with a lot of protein

Lose weight vegetables with a lot of protein

Proteins help you lose weight because they boost your metabolism. It doesn’t always have to be a steak – many vegetables can also score with valuable proteins.

Do you have a fully or partially vegetarian diet and want to lose pounds? You may think that a high protein diet is out of the question for you under these circumstances – but this is wrongly thought. There is a considerable number of vegetables – especially legumes – that can score with a high protein content. The US health website “healthline.com” has compiled the most important. And regardless of our desire to lose weight, our body also needs a protein-rich diet, for example to maintain muscle mass.

It all depends on the preparation

If you are looking for protein-rich vegetables, you will find them in every season. Varieties such as beans or lentils, which are often used dried, have a high protein content. But be careful: Depending on how you prepare the respective varieties, the protein content that can be used by the body can fluctuate. Exact information on the respective vegetable is difficult to give and depends on many factors. In any case, the vegetables can be easily integrated into your menu with many possible variations, whether as a versatile side dish or as a full dish.

Why proteins for weight loss?

There are many arguments in favor of a high-protein diet if you want to lose weight. Studies show that foods high in protein keep you full longer because they regulate blood sugar levels. If you feel full longer, cravings don’t stand a chance either. In addition, our body needs more energy to break down proteins than it does with carbohydrates or fats – in other words, they act as a metabolism booster.

Even proteins are not the same in all respects and for everyone healthy.

two women make protein shakes

Healthy with eggs, fish and Co.
New study says: Proteins do not only have positive properties

Healthy nutrition is on the rise and proteins and protein-rich foods are being touted again and again. But this form of diet can also have disadvantages.

Protein heroes 1: Edamame, lentils, different beans

Edamame – soy beans – called soybeans are the front runners among the suppliers of high-quality vegetable protein. They also bring vitamins and minerals with them. The protein content of prepared dried lentils is only slightly lower. For example, if you use commercially available red lentils, they also have a short preparation time – and there is often a delicious lentil soup.

Many types of beans such as quail beans, mung (o) beans, field or fava beans and lima or moon beans ensure a protein-rich variety on the table. It is definitely worth browsing through the many interesting recipes that the Internet has to offer. According to “healthline.com”, the protein yield is particularly high if you use dried beans or lentils.

Legumes belong on the table, and not just in winter.

Everyday life - pulses for healthy nutrition

everyday life
Legumes for healthy eating

Legumes are very healthy, taste good and make you happy. At least the latter is what the vernacular asserts. Legumes become wonderfully warm meals, especially in the cold autumn and winter months.

Protein Heroes 2: Chickpeas, Green Peas, Corn

You probably know chickpeas from the oriental hummus. With their nutty taste, they are also ideal for salads. Roasted in the oven and with a spicy seasoning, they are a perfect – protein-healthy – snack. Incidentally, you can also conjure up delicious hummus variations from green peas, our popular and well-known side-dish vegetables. There are no limits to your creativity here. Corn also provides healthy proteins, whether nibbled off the cooked cob, in a vegetable mix or cold in a salad.

Hummus is also a part of the Levante Diet.

Plate of food fig hummus

low carb
Levante diet: With hummus and Co. to a feel-good figure

With the Levante diet, you can lose weight with the help of delicacies from the Orient. Of course, you don’t have to travel for this, because you can now find these little appetizers in almost every German city. We have summarized the advantages of dishes such as hummus, baba ghanoush or tabbouleh for you.

Protein heroes 3: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, asparagus

When you think of broccoli, you don’t immediately think of proteins, but the green vegetables have plenty of fiber and important vitamins – such as K and C – as well as not a little protein. When cooked to the bite, it is a pleasure, and not only the florets, the stems taste just as good.

Opinions differ on Brussels sprouts – you love or hate healthy winter vegetables. But taste can change, maybe you start a new try on Brussels sprouts with a clever recipe with a view to the proteins?

You don’t have to advertise potatoes. The protein yield is particularly high if you prepare it well brushed with the peel. Asparagus brings spring to the table – and is also worthwhile as a source of protein.

Broccoli belongs on the table, even if the offspring may refuse to eat the vegetables.

Children don't like broccoli

Healthy eating
Did you know that THEREFORE kids don’t like broccoli …!?

When it comes to broccoli, even encouraging people to persuade them is of no avail: Children really vehemently resist eating these healthy vegetables. But why actually? And: How can we still convince them of the green miracle?

Protein heroes 4: quinoa, wild rice, pistachios, almonds, chia seeds, avocado

Word has got around that quinoa – the ancient grain from the Andes – is an important source of protein. It also has fiber and minerals and has an antioxidant effect. You can use it cooked in salads, in casseroles, and even in your muesli. Botanically, wild rice is not rice. The elongated black grains are actually a grain from water grass. Nevertheless, the protein-rich wild rice – often mixed with white rice – is used in the same way. Pistachios and almonds are also protein donors. They don’t just taste good as a power snack in between meals, they can also be added to both sweet and savory dishes. Almonds in particular – especially those with the brown inner shell – are all-round healthy powerhouses.

The small chia seeds have blossomed into a superfood – and rightly so. Proteins, antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, even small amounts bring you many advantages. Chia seeds already kept the Mayans healthy, they go well with puddings and muesli bars, salads and pancakes, for example.

Do you like guacamole? The creamy, buttery avocados are also rich in protein. It is definitely worth trying other recipes such as grilled avocado, avocado summer rolls or desserts with avocado.

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