Lose weight with a change in diet Woman weighed 160 kilos and halved – with this method!

Lose weight with a change in diet Woman weighed 160 kilos and halved - with this method!

Erin Hulick ate 5,000 calories a day and weighed almost 160 pounds. On her 29th birthday, she decided to lose weight with the help of a change in diet. This is their diet success story!

An “aha moment” makes Erin want to lose weight

The American Erin Hulick used to have dinner almost three times a day and was wearing size 64. In fact, she always felt good and saw no reason to lose weight. It was only on her 29th birthday that the young woman decided to want to change her life. “I was getting ready for a night out with my girls when I couldn’t find a single item of clothing that fit me,” she reminds the now 30-year-old. “I’ve definitely tried on ten different outfits and nothing looked good. I sat down on my bed and realized that it wasn’t the clothes that were the problem, but myself. I realized that I really have to do something about my weight. I was already approaching 30 and I was afraid of dying young. ”

Lose weight through a change in diet

Since Erin never wanted to lose weight before, she started reading a lot about diet success stories on the internet and realized that the only way to lose weight was to change her diet. She started running and even bought a large exercise ball to replace her chair for work in the office. Erin used every free minute to move her body or to keep her busy with small exercises.

To lose weight, she replaced her diet, which consisted primarily of simple carbohydrates, with a diet rich in protein and thus managed to reduce her weight by half.

While she previously filled her everyday life with pizza, lemonades and three dinners a day, she now starts her day with healthy eggs and banana pancakes. For lunch there is a salad with strips of turkey breast and for dinner there is chicken with vegetables.

“I was always convinced that I was healthy. But when I look at the earlier pictures of myself I can’t believe how fat I was. I just didn’t see myself that way. Now I’m looking at these pictures and I don’t understand what I was thinking about living my life like that. ”

Complete your own diet success story with crowdfunding

Erin’s fight isn’t quite over yet. Erin managed to reduce her weight to an overwhelming 70 kilos with a change in diet and exercise, but her overstretched skin remains. Almost ten kilos of excess skin flaps are now hanging on her body – so her goal is far from being achieved.

“When I look in the mirror now, I vacillate between pride and discouragement. After all, I worked so hard to now “stay behind”. It’s just uncomfortable and something I really want to get rid of. ”Now Erin saves every penny and has started a crowdfunding campaign under the name:“ Help Me Finish My Journey ”. She needs almost 30,000 euros for an operation to have the skin flaps removed. After what Erin has already achieved, she will conquer this milestone without any problems.

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