Lose weight with carbohydrates These foods will help you with diet

Lose weight with carbohydrates These foods will help you with diet

Do you want to lose some weight and still not go without bread, pasta and the like? That is possible! We’ll show you which carbohydrate-rich foods will keep you full in the long run and benefit your health.

Put an end to the low-carb diet – You can also eat healthily and lose weight with carbohydrates. While it is possible to lose weight with a diet that cuts carbohydrates from the menu, most of these foods simply taste too good. Your body benefits from the energy supply from carbohydrates, especially if you do a lot of sport and are on the move.

Complex carbohydrates help with the diet

The nutritionist Leslie Langevin recommends eating complex carbs in the online magazine “popsugar.co.uk” in order to get full, absorb many valuable substances and vitamins and even accelerate the weight loss process with the right carbohydrates. In the picture gallery you can find out which 10 carbohydrate-rich foods will make you shine with energy and also make you lose weight!

1. Quinoa: Quinoa seeds are a healthy alternative to white rice. Quinoa contains fewer carbohydrates than rice and our bodies digest the carbohydrates more slowly. The rich protein content of quinoa also gives us a longer feeling of satiety. The special thing about the seeds: even if they are used like a grain, quinoa is not a grain and is therefore gluten-free.

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2. Berries: Fruit contains many different vitamins and minerals, so you should consume fruit regularly. You can make sure that you choose the low-carbohydrate variants of the different types of fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and the like have a low proportion of carbohydrates and low calories compared to other types of fruit. Berry strong!

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3. Lenses: Vegetarians and vegans watch out! With their high protein content, lentils are a great alternative to meat. But lentils are not only a real miracle cure for vegetarians and vegans. More than half of a lentil consists of carbohydrates, but the fat content is surprisingly low.

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4. Oatmeal: The energy booster! Oats are low-gluten whole grain products and are usually eaten for breakfast as porridge or in muesli. The complex, long-chain carbohydrates found in oatmeal provide your body with plenty of energy and keep you full for a long time. So you are safe from food cravings! In addition, oatmeal is healthy because it contains a lot of fiber, minerals, proteins and valuable vitamins.

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5. Sweet potato: Something sweet to lose weight? Yes, there really is! The sweet potato has a naturally sweet taste, but contains almost no fat. Carbohydrates are a big part of sweet potatoes, but they and the high amount of fiber in sweet potatoes keep us full for a long time. In addition, the high potassium content stimulates the dehydration of your body.

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6. Wild rice: The next time you buy rice, you should prefer wild or whole grain rice. The two types of rice are the healthy alternative to the white variant! Wild or whole grain rice does not cause the blood sugar level to rise so quickly and thus prevents the annoying feeling of hunger.

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7. Black beans: The little black beans are no longer “poor people’s food”. As a side dish, a handful of beans is almost enough to fill you up, even for a long time. Because in addition to a lot of protein, the dark beans also contain minerals, vitamins and plenty of fiber.

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8. Whole grain bread: Despite dieting, you don’t have to go without bread. When it comes to bread rolls or toast, just go for the whole grain varieties, because these too have more nutrients than the light-colored products and keep you full longer.

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9. Whole grain pasta: The same applies to wholemeal noodles as to wholemeal bread or rice: They contain more nutrients and keep you full longer than the conventional white flour variant.

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10. Apples: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” – apples not only have health benefits, they can also take away your appetite for sweets. In addition, they act like a hunger reducer and will keep you full for a long time due to their fiber.

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More tips for a balanced diet:

  • The German Nutrition Society recommends that you eat 650 grams of fruit and vegetables per day.

  • You should also drink enough fluids every day, because your body cannot function properly without fluids.

  • Variety is a great advantage in your diet. Your food will not be boring and your body will benefit from a wide range of vitamins and nutrients.

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