Lose weight with exercise Lose fat and build muscle? This is what the “Vertical Diet” promises

Lose weight with exercise Lose fat and build muscle?  This is what the "Vertical Diet" promises

With the “Vertical Diet” your body builds muscles quickly, your endurance is increased and you can also lose weight. We’ll tell you here whether the diet is suitable for you.

The Vertical Diet is more of a nutritional concept than a weight loss program and was specially developed for high-performance athletes and bodybuilders. The American fitness star and bodybuilder Stan Efferding is behind the concept. On his Instagram page he shows many success stories from men and women and explains the concept in individual posts. His philosophy: not all the calories we eat have the same value. Some are processed more efficiently by the body than others.

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If the body can better take in nutrients from your food, you will benefit from: Your muscles will recover faster after a workout and you will gain muscle mass more easily. Also yours Endurance improves, if you do not burden your body with unnecessary, poorly usable calories.

As the online edition of the magazine “elle.de” reports, Stan Efferding has built the nutritional concept around an intensive workout. This forms the basis of the diet. If CrossFit and strength training are a regular part of your sports program, the “Vertical Diet” can help you achieve the best results.

Do you also want to lose weight with exercise? Then you should definitely pay attention to this tip!

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Don’t you lose weight despite exercising? Probably THAT is the reason for this!

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What can I eat with the “Vertical Diet”?

To ensure that your body is optimally supplied with nutrients, Stan Efferding developed a nutrition pyramid according to the T-scheme: The basis, and thus about half of your diet, consists of Foods high in micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are mainly obtained from fresh vegetables.

So that your body does not consume unnecessary carbohydrates, are only starch-free vegetables allowed. Celery, eggplant, spinach, bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini and parsley, but also carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash are on the menu. The good thing about it: These vegetables won’t puff you up and automatically make your stomach look flat. The inventor also recommends eggs, oranges and orange juice, berries and Greek yogurt.

The other half of your diet is supposed to be one good ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain. This is about so-called macronutrients. High-quality cuts of beef, lamb or veal provide your body with B vitamins, iron and healthy fats. Easily digestible white rice provides the portion of carbohydrates your body needs.

How do I lose weight?

The goal of the “Vertical Diet” is Muscle building that gives the body a higher basal metabolic rate and so does it burn fat faster should let. Since the food can be optimally used by the body, you only burden yourself minimally. Your stamina and energy should improve with this diet.

Since the focus of this diet is not primarily on losing weight, but rather on improving athletic performance, you don’t have to count calories either. Depending on how much exercise you do, you simply eat more food. The more intense your workout and the better results you want, the more meat and rice should be your diet.

Which foods are prohibited?

Losing weight with the “Vertical Diet” works – at least for a short time. But this is mainly due to the fact that it is associated with a very intensive sports program. Also are many foods are strictly prohibited.

Pasta, bread and other wheat products are taboo. Likewise, oatmeal, legumes and brown rice, as they are difficult to digest. Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, and other flatulent vegetables are also excluded from the diet. You also have to say goodbye to coffee, alcohol and sugar during this diet. It is clear that you will lose weight, at least initially.

Is This Diet Healthy For Me?

But the “vertical diet” is not healthy in the long run. The large amounts of red meat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, this nutritional concept lacks healthy fiber. Since these help digestion, a deficiency can lead to gas and a sluggish bowel in the long term.

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