Lose weight without a diet? With these 5 tricks you can save 500 calories a day without even realizing it!

Lose weight without a diet?  With these 5 tricks you can save 500 calories a day without even realizing it!

Lose weight with two burgers instead of one? How this should work and more tips on how to save calories can be found here!

You don’t feel like going hungry and exercising forever, but still want to get rid of that annoying belly fat? Then you should also adjust your diet to shed a few pounds. But it’s not that difficult! If you follow these tips, you can easily save 500 kilocalories every day, almost without even realizing it.

1. Eat two burgers instead of one

That sounds almost too good to be true! But: If you replace the portion of french fries with the second burger, you actually save calories. Because a hamburger, for example, has about 253 calories. A large serving of french fries is 434 kilocalories. So, in terms of calories, it is sometimes wiser to have a second burger instead of a serving of fries.

2. Drink better

Drinking water has a number of advantages! In contrast to sodas, which can contain around 185 kilocalories per half liter, water has no calories at all. So if you forego sweet drinks and drink juice spritzers or just water instead, you will save plenty of calories.

3. Eat hearty instead of sweet

Pancakes or croissants with jam are very tempting for breakfast, but they also contain tons of sugar. A pancake has up to 180 calories, a croissant has a total of 280 calories. Since they hardly contain any protein, they won’t keep you full for long. Therefore you should rather have a hearty breakfast, for example a wholemeal toast with approx. 64 calories with an egg (approx. 75 calories). On the one hand, you stay full longer and on the other hand, you save a lot of calories.

4. Tarpaulin for on the go

When you are out and about, the greatest risk is to eat something unhealthy carelessly. Therefore, you should plan ahead when it is clear that you will be out all day. Take a delicious smoothie or a healthy, wholemeal sandwich with you and don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you. This will save you plenty of calories and avoid fast food.

5. Snack on the right chocolate

Who does not know it: Chocolate is seductive and usually attracts exactly when you want to watch your weight. But here, too, we have good news: You can take your pick if it’s the right chocolate. Make sure that you do not use milk chocolate or chocolate with nuts, but dark, dark chocolate. Because it has significantly fewer calories.

Slept too long?  That could be one of the mistakes why losing weight doesn't work out.

Weight loss traps
If you make these mistakes in the morning, you will gain weight

It is always the same: If we want to lose our pounds, it seems as if the pointer has grown firmly on the scales. Neither a half-day diet nor carbohydrate waiver show any noticeable changes. The main problem is usually a wrong morning routine – which influences the decisions of the rest of the day. What is that? You can find out here.

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