Lose weight without a diet With this simple trick you will burn 350 calories by the way!

Lose weight without a diet With this simple trick you will burn 350 calories by the way!

Just get rid of a few extra pounds? If you incorporate a few movement tricks into everyday office life, you not only get fitter, but also tone your figure.

We spend most of the day sitting. We hardly use any calories. However, as soon as we stand or walk, our circulation and fat burning get going. So from now on it is important to always put it up nicely! Because whoever is standing consumes 0.7 more calories per minute, US researchers found. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up to 350 calories over an eight-hour day in the office.


Sitting all day: this happens to the body

We often sit for hours without realizing how much we are harming our bodies. See how sitting affects us here.

Standing please

The best thing to do is to take your bike to work or go on foot. If that is too far, leave the seats to the others from now on and look for standing room on public transport. Instead of the elevator, just take the stairs and walk on the escalator and don’t stop. In the office, it’s best to order a standing desk from your boss. Instead of writing emails, from now on you have to get up and go over to your colleagues. And place your printer and copier as far away from your desk as possible so that you don’t have to get up from your office chair and have to get up instead.

Conduct standing conversations

Whether for a conference or a phone call, you don’t have to sit down for many conversations. From now on it is best to only make phone calls standing up and ask your colleagues to hold the next meeting around a high table.

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