Lose weight without diet This is how the pounds fall off – thanks to a raisin!

Lose weight without diet This is how the pounds fall off - thanks to a raisin!

The secret of this weight loss technique is called mindfulness! The pounds drop because you become aware of what and how much you are eating. And even a single little raisin can be the whole point.

The following raisin exercise shows how to train mindful eating. Those who eat consciously also know how much and why they are eating. Stuffed chocolate bars, chips, or swallowed fast food are not only so unhealthy because of their low nutritional value, but also because of the way they are consumed. Stress, lack of concentration, little chewed through – these types of products end up in the stomach, but also directly on the hips. It is easy to learn a healthy diet so that the pounds drop and the weight remains constant over the long term.

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“The Biggest Loser”
Always this yo-yo effect! Daniel has got his pounds back on

It looked like Daniel Wember had won the battle against the kilos. But then a tragic fate made him fall for fast food & Co. again – and meanwhile the scales only show “Error” …

This is how the raisin exercise works:

1. Choose a raisin and pick it up. Focus all your senses on it.

2. Now study the raisin carefully: what color is it? How big / small is she? What are their specifics?

3. How does the raisin feel on the hand?

4. Now it’s your nose: What does the raisin smell like?

5. And finally: eat the raisin carefully and pay close attention to the taste and feeling in the mouth.


Make raisins yourself
Dry and enjoy grapes

You can easily make raisins yourself from delicious grapes. In summer you can let the delicacies dry in the sun, and in uncomfortable weather they can also be prepared in the oven.

The result

The focus is entirely on the raisin or on the food. The senses are bundled and train a healthy handling of food as well as the feeling of hunger and satiety. The exercise only takes five minutes, but it can fundamentally change eating behavior.

And if you can’t get enough of a raisin, you should start enjoying all of your food in this mindful way.

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