Lose Weight Without Dieting Lose Weight And Eat Normally? Of course it works!

Lose Weight Without Dieting Lose Weight And Eat Normally?  Of course it works!

Would you like to lose weight but are really tired of one diet after the other? Then we have the right solution for you! You can do that without a crash diet. Health coach Sabrina Wolf shows you how you can lose weight without dieting.

Anyone who starts a diet always has the same goal in mind: finally lose weight! Finally have the dream figure! Many diets promise that you will achieve your goal effortlessly with them. All nonsense, nothing works effortlessly. Nevertheless, new diets keep coming onto the market and promise to lead you to your weight goal even faster, more clearly, and more easily. But losing weight is not just a question of nutrition, which is why diets alone are not the solution to your problem.

This is how diets work

Most diets are designed primarily for one thing: quick success. You will lose as much weight as possible in the shortest possible time. This should motivate you and certify the diet’s effectiveness.

But how does losing weight really work? The success comes from the calorie deficit in the diet period. Calorie deficit means that you eat fewer calories than you use in everyday life. The calorie deficit is particularly high in diets that promise quick weight loss in a short time. If you manage to follow the diet through to the end, you may have achieved success, but once the diet period is over, the old weight will gradually come back – or you may even gain weight. So forget about crash diets.

Sustainable weight loss is also possible without a diet

Often times, diets fail before they even end and there are various reasons for this. It may be due to a lack of stamina or being too hungry, but it may also be that the weight has stagnated for a short time and therefore the frustration is great, which can lead to a discontinuation of the diet. But even if you’ve followed the diet through to the end, most diets have one thing in common: they’re not sustainable.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that you don’t learn anything about a healthy diet and afterwards you usually continue to eat the same diet as you did before the diet – this means that you gain weight again and the pounds you lost come back quickly. On the other hand, it can happen that after the diet period you “indulge” everything that you were not allowed to eat during the diet. This can even mean that you ultimately gain even more weight. So how do you get out of this vicious circle?

What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating is a very general term and means something different for everyone. As with diets, when you talk to people or do research, you will hear different opinions. A division into healthy and unhealthy – or “good” and “bad” – foods is not a sensible way of thinking for everyday nutrition. It restricts and condemns. However, there are foods that are more beneficial to your health than others. These are especially foods that are rich in nutrients and fill you up, such as whole grains and vegetables.

Basics in nutrition

It is easiest if you first reflect on your current diet. Write down what you eat every day for a week (or more) – and don’t forget the drinks. You can of course also do this with the help of an app. Many apps have a huge database of food stored in them. The advantage of this is that you can see directly how many calories and nutrients are in the foods and drinks you have eaten. This way you get a feel for your diet and a good overview.

Goals and Achievements

Diets promise quick success, but are not sustainable. Changing your diet over the long term, on the other hand, has lasting success because you know why you should prefer certain foods. Set realistic, long-term goals. Give yourself and your body time to get used to a different diet. Implementation and dealing with new things are often difficult at the beginning and take time. Write down each goal on a piece of paper. You stick this to a place where you can see it every day and always remember it. Especially in moments when you have a great desire for a certain food, e.g. B. Chocolate, you can support your willpower so that you can achieve your goal.

In the video you will find the diet that suits you perfectly – at least according to your zodiac sign!

This diet suits your zodiac sign

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Lose weight with a healthy diet

Once you have analyzed your current diet and you know your goals, you can gradually change your diet. This may already happen automatically if you can get a better feeling for your diet by observing your current diet.

You can gradually change all the other factors. Include foods such as vegetables, whole grains, foods with high quality fats and foods with low fat proteins in your diet.

How do you lose weight

You only lose weight when you are in a calorie deficit. The problem with diets is simply that the deficit is usually far too large and the body is not prepared for it at all. However, if you change your diet slowly, your body will not be radically freed from all food and calories, but the change will come gradually.

A positive attitude

If you have your goal in mind and you really want to lose weight, you will also be able to change your diet sustainably. Especially if you have already had several failed diets, you may not have a positive attitude towards food. Try to change this setting. No food is “bad” and as long as you are in a calorie deficit, you can treat yourself to something – but you should eat a balanced diet. This is the only way to meet your daily need for nutrients!

The role of sport and exercise

Exercise can support you in the weight loss process. As your calorie expenditure increases through exercise, your need for calories increases. Of course, you have to factor in exercise with regard to your calorie deficit. Find a sport that you enjoy and that you don’t have to torture yourself to. Try different types and test yourself – I am convinced that there is a suitable sport for everyone with the wide range of sports available today.

Finally, I wish you every success and fun (!) With the implementation. Everyone can manage to lose weight! If you should lose track of all the information and you are longing for help, you can of course always turn to a nutritionist. Nutritionists will help you analyze your current situation and give you suggestions for changes that will help in the long term.

But believe me: It is fun to deal with your own body, your own diet and your own health. It is also fun to get positive attitudes towards healthy eating and living. Dare to do it and get started!

By the way: More muscle means more fat burning – it’s that easy!



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