Lose Weight Without Dieting The 11 Best Tips To Combat Belly Fat

Lose Weight Without Dieting The 11 Best Tips To Combat Belly Fat

A few inches less waist circumference will make you look slimmer and healthier. The good thing is: A few tricks are enough to minimize the bacon rolls.

1. Sleep a lot

Slim in your sleep? Really works! Because at night the body regenerates and draws energy from the fat deposits. Those who get enough sleep give the body time to break down excess fat deposits.

2. Sufficient exercise

Nothing helps: without physical activity, the pointer of the scale usually doesn’t move a bit. So off to the bike, into your running shoes or into the swimming pool. How to turn belly fat into neat abdominal muscles.

3. Moderate weight training

Muscles burn belly fat. So don’t just train your stamina, but also do regular strength training. Important: Not only abdominal muscle exercises steel the sixpack – you strengthen the whole body!

4. Have a hearty breakfast

If you leave the house on an empty stomach in the morning, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get hungry later. A filling breakfast with whole grain muesli, breakfast egg or low-fat quark with fruit will keep you full for a long time. This means that you will later reach for unhealthy fattening foods less quickly.

5. Drink a lot

Water or unsweetened herbal teas fill the stomach without any calories, provide the body with fluids and provide it with the energy it needs to reduce fat deposits.

6. Avoid soft drinks

Soft drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar, so hands off! But also light drinks or sugar-free lemonades raise the blood sugar level and prevent the body from tampering with fat reserves.

7. Select food

A big belly doesn’t just come from the belly fat. Flatulent foods also make our core look thicker. Therefore consume cabbage & Co. sparingly.

8. Add a little salt

Salt binds water in the body and bacon rolls look plumper. Use salt a little more sparingly and prefer to season dishes with fresh herbs and spices.

9. Save fat

Buttercream cake, french fries or croissants: a lot of things that taste really good unfortunately also have a lot of fat. It is therefore better to use lower-fat variants such as fruit cakes, baked potatoes or wholemeal rolls more often.

10. Differentiate between fats

Eliminating fat entirely is dangerous. The body needs fats – but the right ones. They are found in olives, avocado, nuts or salmon, for example. They make the body feel that it is adequately supplied. This prevents him from putting on fat pads for times of need.

11. Eat slowly

When we are hungry, we often gobble down our food too quickly. Because the feeling of fullness only sets in after about 20 minutes, we usually eat more than we need. Therefore eat as slowly as possible and chew thoroughly.

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