Lose weight without problems Slim forever – without hunger

Lose weight without problems Slim forever - without hunger

This year you can keep your weight even after the diet. How? By making the so-called good bacteria in the intestines your allies with our recipes.

It’s the same procedure as every year: The pounds that have been secretly chugging on the hips, stomach and thighs in the last twelve months have to go down again. You might be asking yourself now: Why do I keep gaining weight while other people stay slim without any problems? The solution to the riddle lies in the gut. Billions of bacteria with over 1000 species, known as the intestinal flora or microbiome, settle there. “The greater the bacterial diversity in the intestine, the healthier it is for people and the easier it is for them to stay slim”, says Prof. Stephan C. Bischoff from the Institute for Nutritional Medicine and Prevention at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

Exactly this diversity is lost in overweight people. In addition, some species of the Firmicutes family then increasingly spread in the intestine. They are real Hüftgold bacteria because they are particularly good feed converters. Firmicutes actually break down indigestible cellulose into sugar molecules and fatty acids. In slender people, on the other hand, there are more Bacteroidetes, which are poor feed converters, in the microbiome also bifidobacteria, which defend the intestine against unwanted intruders, and Akkermansia muciniphila, which, among other things, activate genes in the intestinal cells that increase fat burning.

Healthy fresh food is the perfect support

The good news is: “You can shift your microbiome with a healthy fresh food in the direction of the figure-friendly bacteria, this has been proven by evidence-based science”, says Prof. Wolfgang Kruis, Microbiome researcher and chief physician at the Evangelical Kalk hospital in Cologne. “A change can be expected after ten to 20 days.” Fermented foods are beneficial. Because they contain living bacteria that support the good types of bacteria in the gut. So that the weight lossers multiply quickly there, they need food. This is what you get if you eat plenty of plant-based foods with hard-to-digest carbohydrates such as fiber and inulin. A study that compared the microbiome of children from Italy and Burkina Faso showed that 73 percent of African kids had bacteroidetes and only twelve percent firmicutes in their intestines. In Burkina Faso, people mainly eat vegetable, but only little fat and animal protein. In the case of Europeans on the western protein and fat-rich, low-fiber diet, only 27 percent of lightweight bacteria were discovered, but 51 percent of fattening bacteria.

Your starting shot for an easier life

With our diet you can enjoyably transform your microbiome into a diverse and slimming one. The following recipes from the book “Losing weight with the intestine” not only taste delicious, they are all very rich in fiber and are therefore very filling.

You choose three dishes every day, each with around 500 kcal. So you eat around 1500 kcal in total. That sounds like a lot for those with a crash diet. But that is exactly what makes the microbiome diet so effective. “It is designed to be so rich in nutrients, energy and suitable for everyday use that a change in diet is possible – and this is the only way to stay slim”, emphasizes Prof. Kruis.

How fast do the pounds disappear? “That cannot be named universally. Because it depends on many factors – such as the individual metabolic activity of a person and their basal metabolic rate. The decisive factor is how much someone moves and what weight they start the diet with. ” If you only want to get two or three kilos lighter, you can probably do it in four weeks. If you want more down, more patience is of course required.

Maintain the weight loss dieters

To put an end to yo-yo for good, you should continue to eat high-fiber, low-sugar and low-fat after the diet. Ideally, fermented foods also remain on the menu. Otherwise the fattening microbes will regain the upper hand in your intestines within a few months. “Eat only fresh food if possible”, Prof. Kruis also advises. “Because industrially processed products contain many additives such as emulsifiers, which are very harmful to the good bacteria.”

On the other hand, it makes the friends in the intestine very happy if you allow yourself enough rest – maybe even learn a relaxation method such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. “Because the microbiome reacts to psychological and physical stressors”, knows Prof. Bischoff. A study overview by the American microbiome researcher Emeran A. Mayer proven: the brain and intestinal microbes communicate with one another and influence one another. The slim-and-tall roommates also experience stress when they eat irregularly. “Because the microbiome has a biorhythm”, says Prof. Kruis. “Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Let four to five hours pass in between. This gives the body a beneficial recovery phase. Over time, the sugar and fat metabolism also improves. ”

So, let’s start with the recipes. So nothing should stand in the way of the weight loss plan!

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Forever slim
Breakfast recipes for “losing weight with the intestines”

Here you will find delicious recipes from the book “Losing weight with the intestine” that you can prepare for your breakfast.


Forever slim
“Lose weight with the intestines”: recipes for lunch and dinner

Here you will find delicious recipes from the book “Losing weight with the intestine” that you can prepare for your lunch and dinner. Choose one recipe for a meal at a time and switch between them as often as possible.

Anyone who would like more recipes and further information can find them in the book “Losing weight with the intestine”.

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