Lose weight Woman loses 60 kilos – because she refrains from this drink!

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Losing weight is sometimes not that difficult if you simply avoid certain foods. This is how Karlye Thurlow from Australia did it: She just stopped drinking Cola! Your success is amazing!

Most of us like to have a glass of lemonade. Not as much as Karlye Thurlow, though. She loved Cola more than anything and drank four liters of the sweet drink a day. The calories in the cola left traces on her body, and her weight was 120 kilograms at times.

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That’s how Karlye Thurlow did it

According to a report in the online magazine “brigitte.de”, the Australian was very unhappy about her high body weight. She also withdrew more and more from her circle of friends. Therefore, she made the decision to finally lose weight. First and foremost, not just for herself, but for her two children.

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As a first step, Thurlow gave up the consumption and thus the calories of cola completely and began to eat healthier. Then she started doing sports. The Australian consistently implemented these measures. With success: the 36-year-old managed to lose an impressive 40 kilograms in weight within six months. Over the next three months, she lost another 20 pounds and weighed only 60 pounds.

Karlye Thurlow told the online newspaper “dailytelegraph.com” that she was really very proud of herself and that she now also appreciated her body. Losing weight had another positive effect for the Australian, because her new body awareness has given her a job as a fitness coach and can now motivate other people to lose weight and help them lose weight.

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