Losing weight after Christmas Feasting too much? So you can get rid of the extra pounds quickly

Losing weight after Christmas Feasting too much?  So you can get rid of the extra pounds quickly

After the Christmas holidays, a few extra pounds quickly accumulated. You can get rid of them with our tips.

Christmas is tough when it comes to calorie intake. It starts in the run-up to Christmas, when the first Santa Clauses made of chocolate and gingerbread beckon from the supermarket shelves. The feast really starts on the holidays at the latest – and usually lasts a few days. At the same time, Christmas is most comfortable at home, in cozy warmth in your own living room. Hardly anyone is in the mood for light fare and a visit to the gym.

All of this is quickly noticeable on the scales. Don’t worry if you switch to light and low-calorie meals after the holidays.

Easy recipes make the pounds drop off

Basically, it’s not that difficult to get rid of excess hip gold after Christmas. The prerequisite for this is that you rely on low-calorie and light foods.

To make it work, we have the following tips for you:

  • Avoid meat and sausage and instead get valuable protein from tofu and fish. Legumes are also a good alternative.

  • Vegetables are healthy, low in calories and fill you up. Particularly tasty in cold weather: warm vegetable soups, preferably homemade and not out of the box or can.

  • Sweets are now taboo. For this to work, move the remaining cookie plates aside.

  • Whole grain products keep you full for a long time.

In winter it is a good idea to use fruit and vegetables that are currently in season or that are easy to store. This is healthy, environmentally friendly and ensures a low-calorie meal. As a light meal, for example, prepare a delicious smoothie first thing in the morning. Spinach and lamb’s lettuce can be mixed well with apples and broccoli and ensure a good-humored start to the day with plenty of power. This is an easy recipe and also very digestible.

Our liver loves greens: In the supermarket, you can reach for green vegetables more often.

These foods detoxify your liver

If you eat these foods more frequently, you will treat your liver to a natural detox.

Detox – does it make sense to detox after Christmas?

Especially after the Christmas feast, the word “detox” is on everyone’s lips again. But what does that actually mean?

Basically, advocates of the detox theory assume that factors such as an unhealthy diet, a lot of stress and alcohol accumulate pollutants in the body, the so-called “slags”. A detox cure (detoxification) ensures that these pollutants disappear again. And with it the side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, headaches and insomnia – so far the theory.

The catch: From a scientific perspective, there is no evidence that something like slag actually exists. And the rest of the detox therapy, which is basically a fasting cure, is rather questionable. There is no doubt that if you skip solid foods for two or three weeks, you will lose weight. You will normally lose weight in a healthier and more sustainable way if you instead eat light and low-calorie meals, ideally complemented by exercise. You can save yourself the money for expensive detox products.

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