Losing weight after menopause Beware of radical diets after menopause!

Losing weight after menopause Beware of radical diets after menopause!

Losing weight after menopause can have a negative impact on bone mineral density. This is the result of a study from Australia, which also describes positive diet effects.

In the investigation, the results of which are published in the JAMA Network Open specialist magazine and summarized on “Gesundheitsstadt-berlin.de”, 101 participants were examined while they were dieting.

The women were on average 58 years old and more overweight with an average body mass index of 34.4. The study participants were divided into two groups. Both groups received an exact diet plan over twelve months, which differed in intensity.

Those women who followed a stricter diet saw their pounds drop significantly. At the same time, in addition to weight, the bone mineral density (BMD) also fell alarmingly.

Radical Diet: Successes and Risks

The scientists around Dr. Radhika Seimon from the University of Sydney came to the following conclusion: The women who have a strictly reduced calorie diet Those who adhered to a diet lost 6.6 kilograms in the course of the study, of which 5.5 kilograms were due to body fat mass. At the same time, however, their bone mineral density (BMD) also decreased, especially on the hip (- 0.017 g / cm2). The reduction in calories was between 65 and 75 percent for four months, then another eight months at 25 to 35 percent. Exercise was recommended to the test subjects, but it was not checked whether and how much physical exercise had taken place.

The researchers consider the significantly lower bone density after the diet to be critical: it significantly favors old-age diseases such as osteoporosis. Her conclusion, therefore, is: “The consequences of accelerated BMD loss in severely calorie-restricted obesity treatment are clinically relevant, especially if the BMD loss persists beyond the twelve-month intervention.”

This is how you can prevent gaining too much weight during menopause.

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Losing weight during menopause
These are the best diet tips for the menopause

It is usually not easy for women who are in or about to go through menopause. Losing weight can be very difficult. The body changes, the hormones go crazy, a certain amount of aging sets in and stress is often added. We’ll give you tips on how you can still lose extra pounds during menopause …

Diets in old age reduce the risk of death

However, the scientists also point out that mineral depletion also has positive consequences. The diet reduced the risk of diabetes 2 and cardiovascular disease. The result is a significantly lower risk of death for the test subjects.

It is also surprising that the radical diet was easier to stick to for the study participants. The group with a moderately reduced calorie intake of 25 to 35 percent had a three times as high probability of dropping out over the entire study period. The researchers attribute this to the higher level of motivation associated with weight loss: quick success is an additional motivating factor and keeps the test subjects engaged.

Menopausal health is more than just ideal weight. That’s what matters:


Study shows
Menopausal Health – This is what really matters

The body mass index, or BMI for short, is the most important indicator of our ideal weight – and thus for many health issues. A study from the USA now shows: at least for women going through menopause, other factors are more important. The decisive factor is not the weight, but its distribution.

Losing weight after menopause is important

Even if the researchers in Sydney warn against a restrictive diet after menopause – especially if this is maintained over a very long period of time – they are clearly in favor of losing weight if they are overweight. Women who have had osteopenia or osteoporosis and who are receiving bone strengthening treatments should be carried out, however, would have to be particularly careful and consult with the doctor.

Next, the researchers plan to investigate how to prevent the decline in bone density while dieting.

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Sweating, a bad mood and a few extra pounds: Menopause is a tough test for many women. We’ll tell you here what you can do about your menopausal symptoms and how a very specific natural product can provide more balance and well-being in these turbulent times!

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