Losing weight during menopause These are the best diet tips for the menopause

Losing weight during menopause These are the best diet tips for the menopause

It is usually not easy for women who are in or about to go through menopause. Losing weight can be very difficult. The body changes, the hormones go crazy, a certain amount of aging sets in and stress is often added. We’ll give you tips on how you can still lose extra pounds during menopause …

Menopause in women usually begins between the ages of 45 and 50. This period of time can be very different, but most women have one thing in common: Difficulty losing weight during menopause.

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This is why you lose weight so hard during menopause

Menopause starts when you haven’t had your period for more than a year. Not only is it difficult to lose weight at this stage; usually there are even a few extra pounds around the hips. This is mainly due to the hormones. The estrogen level is often very low and can lead to an increase in fat deposits. Due to the hormonal changes, we also lose muscle mass and the metabolism slows down. Many women also have difficulty sleeping during menopause. Insufficient sleep is closely related to weight problems. Additionally, women often develop insulin resistance as they age, making losing weight more difficult.

These diet strategies help best during menopause

Diets are a dime a dozen. But in order to lose weight successfully during menopause, you should definitely reduce calories. A woman’s energy consumption decreases, so that the calorie consumption often stagnates. A healthy lifestyle and a low-calorie diet are the most effective things you can do right now. You should also pay attention to small portions with meals.

Those who have had a child before the age of 20 run a higher risk of prematurely entering the memo pause. You can read more about this topic and what a current study says about it here.

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Premature menopause: those who have had a child before the age of 20 are at higher risk – according to the study!

The results of a recent study show that 43 percent of women who gave birth to a child before the age of 20 will enter menopause earlier. And not only the age at birth plays a role, but also factors such as traumatic experiences …

These 3 diets are the healthiest

1. The low carb diet

Diets that include meals that are low in carbohydrates are great for losing weight. Studies have shown that low-carb diets can reduce belly fat in particular. This is reported by the health portal “healthline.com”. One of the studies confirmed that women during menopause were able to lose up to 9.5 kilograms within six months and that their waist size decreased by 9.4 centimeters.

2. The Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet is known to be healthy and can even reduce your risk of heart disease. Studies also show that the Mediterranean diet can also help you lose weight. However, this scientific evidence has so far not been explicitly aimed at women in the menopause, but relates to both the female and the male sex. The subjects over 55 years of age were able to at least significantly reduce their belly fat with this diet method.

3. The vegetarian diet

A diet that mainly focuses on plant-based food promises great weight loss success. A study was able to show good effects with a vegan diet. Adding dairy products and eggs can also help you lose weight during menopause.

The best sports to lose weight

No diet works really well if you don’t get enough exercise. These are the most effective sports for losing weight during menopause:

  1. Strength training with weights and bands

  2. Aerobic training or cardio workouts

  3. Jogging and Nordic walking

Although it is more difficult and strenuous to lose weight during menopause, you can do it. Try to get a lot of protein and avoid fatty, sugary, and carbohydrate foods. Reduce your servings and drink enough water and green tea. Keep yourself fit with exercise and you will see that annoying pounds drop off.

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