Losing Weight It’s unbelievable how amazing this family looks after just 6 months of fitness!

Losing Weight It's unbelievable how amazing this family looks after just 6 months of fitness!

That regular exercise leads to a well-proportioned body is not surprising. What a family from China has achieved in a period of only six months is simply speechless.

It actually began like many other stories: 32-year-old photographer Jesse from China and his wife were expecting their first baby together. Maybe, like many young couples, they were a little overwhelmed with this new situation, maybe Jesse’s parents were just particularly caring – in any case they moved in with him to support the small family a little.

So far not unusual, but Jesse’s father seemed to be even worse with the situation than his son. He started drinking. Bad enough, but a family photo topped it all off. There were Jesse, his wife and his parents standing there with big bellies, as if the four of them were pregnant.

That was too much for the young photographer, he immediately started a sports program. And he took his father with him to lose weight together. Fitness for two – that sounds more pleasant than tormenting yourself alone.

Fitness for two – that’s how the pounds fell

At first it was just quick walks, at some point the two jogged In the end, they signed up for a gym together and worked together to build muscles to lose weight. In just six months, the two of them were able to lose so much weight that they no longer carried a tub but a handsome six-pack with them. The two meticulously documented their crazy transformation on Instagram. A new photo was added every ten days.

Of course, the two do not want to let up, on the contrary: In the meantime they have also been able to inspire Jesse’s mother to lose weight together with her sports program. His fans are eagerly awaiting when Baby Johnny will finally take the first steps and be able to go running with his dad.

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Slim and fit
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