Losing weight This woman has lost 190 kilos – and is now passing on her tips to others

Losing weight This woman has lost 190 kilos - and is now passing on her tips to others

Nicole Jäger is a phenomenon: she once weighed over 300 kilos, lost 150 kilos and made a real career out of it. The pound woman today helps others lose weight and generally encourages women.

If you want to lose a lot of weight, you have to starve and chastise yourself or have a gastric band placed, so the popular opinion. Nicole Jäger sees it very differently and this woman knows what she’s talking about: The woman weighed 340 kilos at peak timesuntil she decided to change her life completely.

Eating instead of eating, enjoyment instead of diet

Jäger began to worry about her eating habits and decided against a strict diet in order to lose weight. Instead, she relied on a balanced diet, gentle exercise and a different attitude. The young woman realized that she had compensated for many problems with food so far and began to prefer to solve the problems instead of eating more and more.

But doing without a lot in order to lose a lot is not for Nicole Jäger. Her motto: Eat what you like and leave out what you don’t like. At first it doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, but it does Jäger’s belief is that the body doesn’t want pizza or cake every day, but rather healthy things too. However, if you only eat low-fat quark, pineapple and cabbage soup all day, you are guaranteed to fail, says Jäger.

Overweight nutrition coach

Seven years later, Nicole Jäger has lost almost 180 pounds. At 154 kilos today, she is still overweight and therefore still a long way from reaching her goal. She definitely wants to reach 99.9 kilos. But Jäger is now passing on her experience as a coach to others and working as a nutritionist. Your tip: If you want to lose a lot of weight, you should avoid extreme diets or omitting complete food groups, as with a low carb diet. Instead, first analyze your own eating behavior and research the causes if you want to lose a lot.

The nutritionist processed her weight loss experiences in the book “Die Fettlöserin” and then even brought her on stage. You can order your book here! (Advertisement) With a mixture of reading, cabaret and poetry slam, the stage program caused a sensation.

Now the author has published a new book entitled “Not directly perfect” (advertisement), in which she deals with being a woman in general. And that’s not all that easy after all. “Unlike men, we are brought up to hate ourselves. Girls should be slim, neat, reserved and nice, ”said Nicole Jäger in an interview with the Kölner Express. Your appeal: “Get out of the comfort zone”, you won’t experience any adventures theren, so hunters. “Unfortunately, that takes a little courage. And the ability not to focus only on what is not perfect about you ”.

Woman on the scales is happy

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