Losing weight This woman is losing 20 pounds – with a surprising method

Losing weight This woman is losing 20 pounds - with a surprising method

A woman from Australia broke the cycle of losing weight and gaining weight with an unusual method. You can find out here how she managed to lose 20 kilos.

At the tender age of six, Lyndi Cohen noticed that she was different from her classmates. Her legs were thicker and her entire stature was stronger.

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That was the start of a roller coaster ride of weight gain and diets that dragged on for more than a decade. But then the now 29-year-old found an unusual way that helped her achieve her desired weight.

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With this method, she was able to lose weight

As the online newspaper “dailymail.co.uk” reports, Cohen tried every possible method to lose weight in his younger years. Every approach she tried resulted in weight loss initially and ended up in binge eating that resulted in weight gain again.

But worse was the fact that Cohen was so ashamed of her binge eating that she began to eat secretly. The more she did this, the more guilty she felt. A vicious circle!

That only changed when she decided to stop dieting and deal with the emotional causes of her binge eating. With success: she realized that her feelings of guilt were the engine of the binge eating. Therefore, she made a conscious decision to stop feeling guilty about the food.

On the contrary, she learned to build a friendly relationship with her food. Then she lost 20 kilos. In order to eat intuitively and without feeling guilty, she used a kind of emotional compass that showed her on a scale from zero to ten when to eat and when she was really full.

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Woman loses 60 kilos – because she refrains from this drink!

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Use the feeling scale from zero to ten to lose weight

  • 0 – Beyond the feeling of hunger. Empty stomach.

  • 1 – Gluttonous. Faint and dizzy.

  • 2 – Very hungry. Irritable, low on energy.

  • 3 – A little hungry. The ideal time to eat something.

  • 4 – Nagging. I am getting hungry. Feeling like I could eat something.

  • 5 – Neutral. Neither hungry nor full.

  • 6 – Slightly saturated. Or on the way there.

  • 7 – Well saturated. Ideal time to stop eating.

  • 8 – Very well saturated.

  • 9 – Very eaten. Malaise.

  • 10 – Crammed full. Too full. I feel sick.

By consistently sticking to her emotional compass, Cohen has achieved success in losing weight that she would not previously have thought possible and now proudly presents her bikini figure to her followers on Instagram and Co.

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