Losing Weight This woman lost 50 pounds in 15 months with THIS diet

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She felt limp, was overweight, thought she was depressed. A shock diagnosis changed everything – including her attitude towards food. The pounds dropped almost instantly. We reveal how Kim Fletcher lost an incredible 50 kilos in just 15 months.

Just three years ago, Kim Fletcher (39) from Queensland was unhappy. She suffered from anxiety and depression, which led to uncontrolled eating behavior. Her weight continued to climb until she finally cracked the 100 kilo mark. She could hardly move, had no strength.

Then in 2014 came a diagnosis that would change everything. It turned out that Fletcher has an autoimmune disease called myositis, an inflammatory disease of the skeletal muscles, which has gone undetected in her to date. Myositis patients have no strength in their arms and legs. The feeling of weakness gets worse over time, until even getting up from a chair seems almost impossible. The illness prevented her from getting out of bed in the morning or from moving. But the shock diagnosis had one good thing: Finally, the 39-year-old knew why she felt so bad all the time and kept gaining weight.

Danielle French Instagram

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Ketogenic in the fight against illness

The doctors advised her to undergo chemotherapy followed by lifelong medication. But she decided to cure her illness in an alternative way. So Flechter went to an alternative practitioner. He first prescribed magnesium and other anti-inflammatory food supplements. An improvement in her condition was still a long way off.

But at some point by chance she came across a newspaper article about the ketogenic diet, which gave her new hope. This is an extremely low-carbohydrate diet, but high in protein and fat. In May 2016, she started following the ketogenic diet. 15 months later, she was 50 pounds lighter. And this is how it looks today:

She now wants to inspire others

Fletcher says her life has changed completely since dieting. Now she can even do sports every day – in the past, that would have been inconceivable: “I couldn’t even make it to the mailbox.”

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She attributes the remission of her illness to her change in diet. In addition, the ketogenic diet would have helped her blood pressure and cholesterol levels to normalize again.

Fletcher is so convinced of the healing power of her diet that she got active on social networks to share her experiences with her followers. We wish her all the best for her future journey.

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