Losing weight Young woman lost an incredible 50 kilos – and that without any diet

Losing weight Young woman lost an incredible 50 kilos - and that without any diet

You may think that dieting is the only way to lose a lot of pounds. But there is another way of doing it. Strength training alone can work wonders for losing weight.

Dramatic weight loss in just two years

Chenai Boucher, now 20 years old, from New Zealand had a big problem with her weight. She weighed 120 kilos, wore size 50 and no longer dared to go out on the street with her figure. Annoyed by how she looked, she made the decision to lose a lot of weight and get fitter before her 18th birthday. Strength training helped her with this. I.n In just two years she lost an incredible 50 kilos – and that without a single diet.

Lose weight with strength training – this is how it works

Losing a lot of pounds quickly is not easy, but Chenai did it: she was able to lose weight without dieting! How that works, she revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Chenai Boucher discovered weight training for himself. She decided to do strength training first, reducing her weight to 90 kilos. Then CrossFit followed and she lost another 20 pounds. Why are these two types of weight training so effective in losing weight?

Strength training and CrossFit continue to have an effect after training

Powerlifting and CrossFit will help you lose weight quickly. With this type of training, your body is maximally stressed in a short time and then has to recover longer. In this resting phase, however, goes the fat burning in the body continues. It’s just an important part of recovery. That way, the pounds drop even when you’re resting on the couch.

Zero diet in weight training is harmful

In order to lose weight quickly through CrossFit and other weight training, you of course need good, high-energy food. Therefore, if you exercise hard and a lot, you cannot diet at the same time. Your body couldn’t take that. When you lose weight with weight training, it is better to rely on a balanced and, above all, protein-rich diet. This supports your muscles and helps you lose weight – without any diet. You will see, the pounds will fall off just as quickly as with Chanei Boucher.

Functional training for women and men

Functional training creates muscles and melts the calories

Gone are the days of stoic equipment training in the gym. Functional training is all the rage today. With the free exercises you burn tons of calories.

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