Lots of snow on the second day in Iceland

Lots of snow on the second day in Iceland

The second day until it started quiet, but the snowstorm was getting worse and in the late afternoon we were freezing …
Despite the incredible landscapes, the wind was very strong – I don’t think I’ve ever had a similar feeling in my life. We went to the lighthouse and almost went flying! I showed everything on my snap: daniellenoce.
After a busy morning, we decided to have lunch at Narfeyrarstofa. Everything was wonderful, I highly recommend it !!
We took the car and went to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in life, Goðafoss!
We ended the day at Vogafjós Guesthouse, a cow farm with an incredible restaurant – they only use products produced in the surroundings. In addition to being fresh, it is a great incentive for local producers.
The look, of course, was very warm. I used another piece from Geysir, a super cute cardigan. The rest is more neutral, pulling to black – and always with the thermal blouses and pants underneath!
The short-ankle boot was a find, as I find it more comfortable than the very long ones – as well as being easier to pack ?
The bag was smaller, just to carry the essentials. I loved the balls, they give a fun touch to the look!
Even with the negative temperature, the clothes got heated – but it is logical that the heater of the car and the restaurants helped a lot, right?

  1. Pants | Forever 21
  2. Boot | My shoes
  3. Sweating | Zadig and Voltaire
  4. Wool coat | Geysir
  5. Coat | Kenzo
  6. Purse | Calvin Klein
  7. Glove | Accessorize
  8. Scarf | All Saints
  9. Glasses | Jimmy Choo

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