Love stories in delicious videos

Do you believe in Cupids? If not, you may change your mind after that Cornetto campaign. You will be thrilled with each of the films that the brand of the famous “ice cream cones” produced. There are more than ten stories, all with a common character – but that does not always appear in the same physical form – responsible for making love blossom in young teenagers. It’s cupid doing his job on the “Cupidity” series. The shorts were recorded each in a different city around the world: London, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Hong Kong … One by one, either on a junkyard, on the makeshift stage of a cafe or even because of a full wooden box from cropped portraits, the films show the value of pure feelings and how it is possible to find your love. One of the most famous is the Kismet Dinner, with over 1 million views on YouTube, which tells the story of Laura, a waitress who loves to sing. The restaurant manager prepares, every night, an improvised stage for customers to enjoy the sweet voice of the girl with brown hair and sweet smile. Even so, there is a client who never pays attention to music, least of all Laura. But she will do anything to win him over.
cornetto cupidity ickfd2 Each has a very different story from the other and with a peculiarity of arousing countless emotions. And well … Today is the perfect day for that, right? Even so, with or without a boyfriend / girlfriend / dating / colorful friend, each one is worth watching. If you are a passionate romantic, like me, prepare the tissues. Hehe.
Ah! There is something boring: none of the videos, from what I saw, have Portuguese subtitles. Some of them have in English, but almost all are without subtitles. If you don’t speak English, please be sure to watch! You can understand the stories without problems. I promise you will.
cornetto cupidity ickd1 cupidity ickfd1
A kiss and lots of love for you <3 [youtube]iz38FbEycms[/youtube] [youtube]qFOrUNTLmxQ[/youtube] [youtube]FNSLzrXKFJU[/youtube] [youtube]2A1ee8Vz6kw[/youtube] [youtube]9PglCpHOa10[/youtube] [youtube]V_hFv-zl_JY[/youtube]

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