Low-calorie drinks Light sodas are really that unhealthy
Low calorie drinks light sodas are really that unhealthy

Low-calorie drinks Light sodas are really that unhealthy

Soda is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. But if you want to pay attention to your line, you often prefer the light version. As studies have now found out, it is even more unhealthy.

Many love the taste of soda. Pure, with ice and lemon, or as a mixed drink. However, a guilty conscience can creep in quickly when enjoying it. The drink is a calorie bomb, with a very high sugar content.

Fortunately, there is the light version of the soft drink, which contains a sweetener instead of sugar and thus appears supposedly healthier. But even a light version is not really healthier than a normal one, only lower in calories.

You can find out which cocktail you should really drink in this video!

This cocktail suits your zodiac sign

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What is in light drinks?

In 0.2 liters of soda there are on average eight pieces of sugar. The light version is usually free of sugar because it is replaced by sweeteners such as aspartame. There are a lot of rumors and false reports about the effects of aspartame. The fact is, so far there have been no reliable studies on whether aspartame or other sugar substitutes are beneficial or harmful to your health.

Compared to the online edition of “bildderfrau.de”, the book author and nutrition expert Sven-David Müller said that it depends on the amount that is consumed of a sugar substitute in light drinks. The dose makes the poison, and that also applies to all other foods and products.

Here you can find out what really happens in your body when you drink a glass of sweet cola.

Two women with cola

Sweet thirst quencher
Tasty but unhealthy – that’s what a glass of cola does to your body

Cola is a delicious thirst quencher that even wakes you up. But the shower is definitely not healthy. Read here what really happens in your body after drinking Cola.

As can be read on the online news portal “focus.de”, the “American Heart Society” has analyzed various studies on the effects of low-calorie soft drinks. Amazingly, the results of the studies differ quite considerably.

Many come to the conclusion that Diet Coke is unhealthy. Various studies put light drinks at a higher risk for

  • Obesity

  • dementia

  • stroke

  • Alzheimer

  • diabetes

in connection. Others praise the healthy effects of sugar substitutes, which can help overweight children lose weight, for example. However, none of the studies provided scientifically tenable proof of a healthy or unhealthy effect of light drinks.

What are the alternatives?

If you are not sure whether you should use the light version for your health, there are much healthier alternatives. Instead, give it a try

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