Low Carb Diet The 17 Day Diet – Lose Half a Kilo Per Day?

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Lose weight quickly and at the same time lay the foundation for a healthy change in diet: This is what the Californian 17-day diet promises. Can it work?

An important note right at the beginning: the 17-day diet lasts 68 days because it is divided into four 17-day phases. Disappointed? On the other hand, the trend from the USA is characterized by a number of other attractive properties.

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This includes that the 17-day diet relies on a varied and tasty diet instead of starvation diets. At the same time, it promises quick visible and noticeable results without suffering.

The four phases of the trend diet

The 17-day diet was “invented” by the doctor and scientist Dr. Mike Morano, reports the online magazine “elle.de”. Its approach is similar to a low-carb diet in that it mainly focuses on reducing carbohydrates. It is made up of four phases, each of which has different dietary rules. You can use the last phase as a foundation for a permanent healthy diet.

In detail, the four phases look like this:

1st phase

In the so-called warm-up phase, Dr. Morano a daily weight loss of 450 grams due to lower blood sugar levels and better digestion. As long as it lasts, you can eat fruit with little sugar until 2 p.m., for example raspberries, oranges or watermelon. Salads and vegetables are allowed throughout the day. Fish and lean poultry provide the necessary intake of protein. Eggs (a maximum of two per day) can also be on the menu.

2nd phase

The second phase is the activation phase. Here you can prevent routine with a varied menu. This means that you will orientate yourself on phase 1 in one day. The following day, for example, seafood, additional lean meat, starchy side dishes like couscous, rice and legumes and starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn are on the plate. The starchy foods are only allowed until 2 p.m.

3rd phase

The third phase is under the motto balancing. The alternating diet is retained for the time being. In addition, you can eat foods such as cheese, pasta and alcohol or even a delicious dessert – but in moderation. The idea behind this is that you learn to consume nutrients in a healthy ratio.

4th phase

You can stick to the maintenance phase of the 17-day diet for a lifetime. It is therefore not an end, but rather a beginning. All foods from the first three phases are allowed here during the week. From Friday afternoon you can treat yourself to special treats, but with sense and understanding.

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This is how you get through your everyday life without stress-eating

Integrating a healthy diet into everyday working life poses many challenges. With a few simple tricks you can get nasty food cravings under control.

The 17-day diet is recommended

One of the great strengths of the 17-day diet is its variety. That makes it easier to make it through the 68 days and not to fall into a bad mood. It can also help you change your diet step by step.

In addition, the requirements of Dr. Moreno should also include a regular workout, as well as plenty of fluids, healthy vegetable oils, and avoiding finished products – all things that have been shown to be healthy. The fact that you lose weight in this way is a good side effect.

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