Low Carb Goodbye With carbohydrates and the China Study Diet slim through the summer

Low Carb Goodbye With carbohydrates and the China Study Diet slim through the summer

A large-scale study from China dispels the misconception that cutting off carbohydrates is the only solid way to lose weight effectively. The “China Study Diet” welcomes carbohydrates, but a plant-based diet is mandatory.

You can lose weight effectively and live healthy, even if you consume a lot of carbohydrates and do not count any calories! This is proven by studies from China, for which the nutrition and health of 6,500 participants had already been examined in more detail in the 1970s and 80s. The study participants came from 24 provinces across the country, as reported by “elle.de” with reference to the accompanying book “China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell.

Fresh plant-based foods as a guarantee for well-being

In its statement, the study is even preceded by a “rehabilitation” of carbohydrates, which are now frowned upon as fattening foods. The results would clearly show that a purely plant-based, i.e. vegetarian or vegan, diet is by far the healthiest. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity are far less common in regions where plant-based food is predominantly consumed than anywhere else. In addition, the survey showed that people who consume a lot of calories from plants do not have any figure problems. The body simply does not store the excess energy from plants as fat. What is not needed is simply eliminated again.

Those who follow a vegan diet will almost never have problems with the slim line.



Megatrend veganism
Mr. Broccoli: “Eating vegan and losing weight goes hand in hand!”

Losing weight effectively – we all want that. But which way is best for this? Christian Wenzel, also known as Mr. Broccoli, explains in an interview with Marians Welt why a vegan diet is ideal for this.

“China Study” as an approach to a sustainable change in diet

The “China Study” thus forms a strong antithesis to the popular low-carb theories – or at least opens up an alternative path to a healthy life. Vegetarians and vegans in particular – or those who want to become one – should be happy about these statements.

According to “elle.de”, the book by father and son Campbell does not provide exact guidelines in the sense of a diet plan, but it nevertheless clearly indicates the direction: If you want to do something for your figure and well-being, you should choose fresh, plant-based food completely or almost completely do without animal proteins. Ultimately, the authors are interested in a change in eating habits and not a diet as such.

Do you have what it takes to be a vegetarian? And is it also worth it?

Vegetarian diet recipes


Eat a vegetarian diet
Self-test: will everything really get better if I do without meat?

Vegetarianism is booming: More and more people are consciously choosing to remove meat from their menu. But what does it really change? In the run-up to World Vegetarian Day in October 2019, a Marians Welt editor asked herself this – and dared to try it herself.

Happy with a vegetable diet

Nobody has to forego enjoyment here and there is no need to work with calorie tables or precisely defined quantities. The only thing to do without meat is to do without meat – which is likely to be a serious turning point for many people. If you try it, you will surely find – in search of alternatives – that the cosmos of plant-based foods is far larger than is usually perceived by meat lovers. So the attempt is definitely an exciting thing.

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