Lunch at grandma’s house – Doce de Cidra

Lunch at grandma's house - Doce de Cidra

You know the place is good when it is the biggest hit in the city a few months after the opening. Not only that, Doce de Cidra is already nominated at Veja Comer & Beber as a Revelation Restaurant in Curitiba. Wow!! There’s one more thing too. I am suspicious to speak, but I have been waiting to “get to know” the place since the end of last year, when the house was under renovation. I explain: I spent good afternoons of my adolescence in this white wooden house with royal blue details, eating polenta, popcorn and playing bingo on sunny Sundays.
The grandmother of the house, Dona Anna Luiza, was the grandmother of my super friend, Elisa. The grandmother passed away a few years ago, and the family wanted to avoid losing the memories lived in that very special house and to reach the point of selling it, distributing the inheritance and that’s it, each one to his side. No. That’s when Letícia, one of the granddaughters of the first generation, decided to do a renovation without changing the physical structure of her grandmother’s house, building her own space to receive people over lunch or coffee. And that was it! The living room, the old sewing room and the hall have become one: the Doce de Cidra dining hall.
ickfd3 cider candyickfd1 cider candy The whole environment makes you feel at home, from the comfortable armchairs next to the piano to the pictures that grandma painted. About the food, each day of the week is a special dish, always accompanied by a salad of green leaves with tomatoes, cheese or heart of palm. And this is how it is: you ask for the indication of the day and you can repeat at will, both the salad and the main dish. Elisa and I ordered noodles in a white sauce with vegetables and at the first mouthful I felt involved in a warm and comfortable embrace of flavors that are only possible in homemade pasta. The dish came very well served and the sauce, creamy and smooth, made the perfect pair with the mini carrots and zucchini. Golden and fresh, the grated cheese came to close the package.
In addition, you can order the lunch of the day, which comes in clay pots served with rice, beans, flour and salad of the day, with three meat options. It has polenta with chicken, chopsticks with ribs, homemade pasta with different types of sauce and always a vegetarian option; D
sweet cider noodlesAnd like everything at Doce de Cidra tastes like home made with love and care, the best tip is to order after lunch a tea accompanied by the dessert you want: chocolate cake, banana, apple or lemon pie, or even , a generous piece of curd pie drizzled with melted guava. Honest and simple flavors, of those welcome anytime (especially the curd pie hehehhe).
sweet cider litter pieickfd cream cheese Often, the house receives musicians to warm the atmosphere with the sound of the piano, which has been in the family for years. Come over, have a tea, try a cup of coffee, help yourself to the sweets and be happier.

  • Doce de Cidra Facebook
  • Open Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm Rua Cândido Xavier, 521
  • photos: Elisa Teixeira and Instagram Doce de Cidra

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