Lurpak Commercials

Lurpak Commercials

Glazed in advertisements, I always keep some that have marked me the most. You know, the ones that move you, either because they send an emotional message or even because you associate them with a time in your life. Anyway, some of the videos we watch are so special that we even call friends to see them, sometimes we even dedicate them to some of them.

Johnnie Walker advertisements for me have always been great examples. Another video that also touched me a lot was the propaganda against prejudice towards Down Syndrome, who remembers this video? That of the boy Carlinhos, in black and white, with the song “Fake Plastic Trees” by the band Radiohead. Well, beautiful works made to move and transmit ideas.

The videos I wanted to show you are commercials for a butter brand called Lurpak. Beautiful works, aimed at those who see the magic of cooking.

commercial lurpak ickfd




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