Luxurious volume - John Frieda |  Review
Luxurious volume john frieda review

Luxurious volume – John Frieda | Review

When I travel abroad, I always try to find new beauty products that make my daily life easier. This time was no different! I already told you here on the blog that my hair is very thin and has little volume. So, doing very elaborate hairstyles and having that Gisele-style hair doesn’t roll.

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I had heard about some shampoos and creams that help to create volume in the hair, but they are usually very heavy. On this trip I decided to try John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume line. The products promise to give much more volume to the wires, especially at the root. So I went to the pharmacy to buy and try some of these products!
I have been using shampoo, conditioner and treatment cream for about a week and I already notice the difference. Really, the line fulfills its promise: it leaves the hair fuller and fuller. However, I still feel that my hair is less shiny and a little heavier than with the creams I normally use.
For me, the result was satisfactory! It’s not that line for you to use every day of your life, but if you want to make the strands more bulky for a party or event it is great. The shampoo and conditioner you apply normally. The treatment cream is also very simple; just spend it in the shower, leave it for 3 to 5 minutes acting on your hair and then rinse – that’s what made the most difference in my hair.
I’ve been doing some research on the complete line and I discovered that there are 2 more products: the Root Booster – which you pass on damp and then dry hair – and Fine to Full – a spray to pass on the root. From what I read, the products are great and don’t leave your hair looking dirty like most creams. I haven’t tested it and so I can’t guarantee it!
In Brazil, I saw that Sephora sells all products less than the treatment ? The price is half salty, each is more than 80 reais. If you prefer to buy on eBay or Amazon you will surely find the same products cheaper.
So you already know: if you want to have your hair fuller for the weekend, this line is worth testing!

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