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Since I passed in front of this Confiserie, which is on the street next to my house, I was curious to know what it was, mainly for being so cute on the outside. I only regret not having gone before!
Confiserie has been open since January 2013 at this new address, continuing the delicious work that confectioner Luzia Kawaguti was already doing in Bauru.
I tried the brigadeiros in the flavors: nest, paçoca, black gourmet brigadeiro (with walnuts) and the truffled apricot box. But if it is to choose one, I choose the truffle box, delicious, the sour apricot with the chocolate was incredible!
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Another delicious candy is this strawberry covered with chocolate and white brigadeiro, detail for their size!
luzia kawaguti5But what made me most happy were the happily married! I LOVE happily married, and I never saw it to sell in candy stores around here, I only found it at weddings. This one is filled with white brigadeiro and I can say that it is well filled! Delicious! Loved it!!
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For those who want savory options too, there are these tartlets and quiches, there is also the gourmet cheese bread, which is di-vi-no !!
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They make decorated sweets for the party, sweet pies for travel, everything divinely beautiful and neat, see travel packaging (photo above) super neat.
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The only problem is that I discovered Confiserie just now that I am on a regime, but there, it is a place that I will definitely return to, especially since it is close to home! I will return not only for the wonderful sweets, which are not easily found there, but also for the cozy place and the great service!
Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm
The sweets, brigadeiros and boxes, vary from R $ 1.70 to R $ 2.80
The cupcakes are R $ 7.00 and the well married ones R $ 2.50
Address: Rua Abraão Rahal 9-20, Vila Universitária
(14) 32232097

By Paula Lumi

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