Madredeus X Amor Electro

Madredeus X Amor Electro

The weekend is starting and music is always good to delight in what is to come. The two bands that I will invite you to listen to are not exactly the funk of Rio for you to enjoy a crazy punch lol, but something for those who want to relax on a warm and lazy evening and thus let the thought go far far away.
The first is called Amor Electro and it is a Portuguese band that I just heard some songs and I think it has a curious sound, with an electronic touch and at the same time something theatrical. What I really liked was the style of the singer who is at the head of the band, Marisa Liz. Beautiful dresses and sets in the Lady Like B&W style (mostly) make up Marisa’s wardrobe. The hair seems to be inspired by the Mod style of the 60s and fits like a glove on her delicate face.
Who suggested this band to me was one of my dear Portuguese readers, Manuel Cunha Calado, in order to introduce me to something new in the Portuguese music scene. I loved it and I love meeting new bands, but I always need some time to get my ears used to them.
Some clips from Amor Electro:

And of course, Manuel making this comment only reminded me that I hadn’t heard my favorite Portuguese band in a long time, Madredeus.
Madredeus is a band that has touches of fado, classical and contemporary music at the same time. I don’t know how to define it myself. For me they are completely different from everything I’ve heard and I can’t fit them in a group, but just feel the music and let me go.
I love this band so much that one day I even told Paulo that I would only marry him if we made Teresa Salgueiro return to the band and they could come to Brazil to play at our wedding kkkkkk a complete nonsense; D
The songs are beautiful and very inspiring. Great to hear when we want to let the thought go and come back with lots of good ideas. The band has existed since 1985, but I have to be honest that after Teresa Salgueiro left the group in 2007, for me he was never the same.
Another important event to be highlighted in the band’s career was that they participated in the film O Céu de Lisboa by Wim Wenders, one of my favorite filmmakers.
Can you love this band more?
Some of the songs I like the most:
And here the lyrics of my favorite, Oxalá:
Oh, give me the headache, oh
Hopefully, the step does not slow me down;
I wish, Carnival happens, I wish,
May the people never forget;
I wish I didn’t walk without care,
I wish I didn’t have a bad time;
I wish I don’t do everything in a hurry,
I wish my future happens
I wish that life goes well, I wish
I wish your life too;
I wish Carnival happens, I wish
May the people never forget;
Hopefully, time passes, hour by hour,
I hope no one leaves,
I hope Carnival approaches,
I wish everything goes less badly
Is that you? Which bands would you recommend me to reflect and let the thought fly this weekend?

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