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Magnolia Bakery – NY

I definitely have a love affair with Magnolia Bakery. In 2008, when I arrived here to stay, it was there that I tried my first cupcake. By the way, it was at that very moment that I discovered what a cupcake was…. Maybe because of my naivety (or not), I had never seen one in SP… does anyone know when the little ones arrived there? I really think that until the year I moved (2008), they weren’t that popular.
Cupcakes are cookies baked in individual molds, usually filled and covered (here we call frosting) with a base or with butter or egg whites and a lot of sugar. Here in the United States they are part of the American’s daily life during lunch, in the middle of the afternoon, at celebrations at the office or with the family, when visiting their friend’s house, in short, everywhere and at any time of the day.
On every corner of Manhattan you can find a place that sells cupcakes. For this reason, competition is fierce and remaining among the best in the city is not easy, requiring creativity, availability and, above all, consistency. And Magnolia Bakery is among the best.
Without a doubt, even having tried many cupcakes in these five years that I live here, Magnolia’s are the most delicious. Last week I couldn’t resist and once again I came home for a cupcake. Luckily for me (or unlucky) there is a tiny Magnolia inside Grand Central Station, the station where I take the train home and there is not a single time I stop by and don’t buy a cupcake…
magnolia 1The only downside of this location is that because of the size of the store, the options for flavors and products are limited compared to others. At Avenida das Americas (6th Ave.) or Columbus Ave the variety is much greater. In fact, I already need to warn you in advance that there is always a queue but the service is efficient and fast, just avoid going through them right after lunch time. It is at this moment when the queue is longer …
magnolia 2I have here with me that a cupcake with espresso is the perfect dessert for those who work in the offices of the city … Columbus Ave., as it has an attached lounge with community tables that is very cool.
magnolia 4Magnolia also has cakes, cookies, bars and pies. And I’m sorry to say that they are delicious too. The chocolate cake that I’m tasting in the photo of my Bio is from there. Amazing!!! My favorite flavors are Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting, Vanilla with chocolate frosting, orange with chocolate frosting and, best of all, the German chocolate cake (a chocolate cake with a very soft texture and coconut frosting with walnut pecan – a real perdition – that unfortunately I didn’t have on this day).
magnolia 5During the seasons, they prepare cupcakes with seasonal flavors, for example, in the fall there are cupcakes made with apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, pumpkin and pecan. In winter, it has Gingerbread and peppermint is a hit. Every month also has the flavor of the month. March’s is from Pistachio.
magnolia 6Researching Magnolia to write this post for you, I discovered a lot of cool things about the Company’s philosophy: they donate the daily production that was not sold to community associations in the neighborhood, homeless people or any institution that practices charity or has any kind of program. rehabilitation. This is sooooo cool! Another attitude of social awareness is the cupcakes made especially to raise money for internationally known causes, such as the fight against Breast Cancer or AIDS. All funds raised from the sale of these funds are invested in funds for such campaigns.
magnolia 7
magnolia 8Anyway, if you are walking around here, be sure to try this delight. I really believe in the responsibility we have towards the world. If we can consume a product that, besides being tasty, has its share in respect for human beings, society or the environment, we are in a way contributing to that too !!!!! See you in the next post. Kisses.

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